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Business intelligence

Data is everywhere and generated by an increasing number of devices. Do you have the right BI (business intelligence) strategy and the tools for deciphering these big data, to make the right decisions based on your findings and predictive analysis, thus getting you ahead of the competition?


BI is the understructure of every data-driven company. The better you are at processing the data, the more benefits you can reap from BI. We help you ramp up your BI through data processing, the use of big data tools, and technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Through NLP, for example, we can interact with data by asking questions in natural language and receiving relevant results – i.e., answers in conventional language. NLP makes BI more straightforward and insights more accessible to those who are not so technically proficient.


Once you have gained insights and want to present them in an easily digestible way – we can help you. Through professional visualization, we make even the most complex insights accessible and understandable for your audience. It can be through bar charts, tables and scatterplots, heatmaps, violin plots, arc diagrams, and waterfalls. Another way to present data, which we can help you with, is through making stories of your data – building a narrative around your datasets through dashboards, storyboards, animations, and interactive reports.