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17 Mar 2021

One million Swedes want into IT – women take over in 2024, says Sifo/Tomorrow Report

55% of men in the ages 45-59 are worried that digitalization will lead to unemployment.

Fewer men are interested in tech, as opposed to women who have increased their interest. Women’s digital confidence has increased during the pandemic by nearly 20%. Digital exclusion however is a big concern, 7 out of 10 think it will increase. These are facts from the Tomorrow Report, recently released by Nexer, who launched their new name at the same time, leaving the Sigma Group.

  • 17% of Swedes aged 18-65 consider educating themselves and going into IT, 22 % men (23% in 2019) and 13% women (11% 2019).
  • 51% of women say they have good digital confidence, compared to 43% last year.
  • 7 out of 10 think that digital exclusion will increase in Sweden.
  • 46% of women between ages 30-59 will say no to work if you can’t work remotely.
  • 55% of men in the ages 45-59 are worried that digitalization will lead to unemployment.

A game changer for the IT business and Sweden
If change continues at the current pace, where fewer men and more women are interested in IT and tech, it is forecasted that by 2024, more women than men want to educate themselves and work in IT/tech. At the same time, the industry is in crisis and lack competencies, 70,000 people by the year 2024, according to Swedish IT and Telecom Industries. The report Tomorrow Report also shows that the number of women with good digital confidence has increased by almost one fifth since the pandemic started.

“This is very exciting news. Now everyone must take seriously that women are about to enter our male-dominated business in a big way. It’s a game changer for the IT industry, and for Sweden as a country. The fact that women have increased their digital confidence by this much during the pandemic, is also an indicator that Sweden have leaped many years into the future in some aspects”, says Lars Kry, CEO at Nexer Group (former Sigma IT).

Women demands remote work, men worry about unemployment
In statistics based on 2001 respondents, the opportunity of remote work is most important for women aged 30-59 years (46 percent). For men aged 45-59, their worry to be unemployed due to digitalization sticks out (55 percent). 70 percent think that digital exclusion will become worse and 65 percent believe that human relations will suffer.

“The worry about the future is getting more intense, at the same time as hope increases thanks to new technology. This shows that there is a balanced and nuanced view on the possibilities of new technologies and the risks. We appreciate the advantages of technology, and 3 out of 4 Swedes think that we will replace body parts with new technology, such as chips, within 17 years, and 12 percent of Swedes think eternal life will be possible within 47 years. We think that is having great faith in new technology. What it means to the individual, and to society, is something we need to discuss a lot, and with many people”, says Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture at Nexer Group, (former Sigma IT).

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