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8 Apr 2021

Nexer wins grand slam in Kammarkollegiet’s national procurement of IT consulting services

Nexer wins Kammarkollegiet's national procurement of IT consulting services

In Kammarkollegiet’s procurement of IT consulting services, Nexer (formerly Sigma IT) made grand slam and was awarded contracts in all areas applied for and was also among the tenders with the highest scores.
In total, the procurement process covers five areas, and each area includes different roles to meet authorities’ needs for IT consultants and support in the work with digitalisation.

The different areas where Nexer applied and won are:

IT support to the business operations
Covers the competence areas Business Development, Requirements, Usability and Accessibility.

Management of IT projects
Covers the competence areas Management and Governance.

Architecture and development
Includes the competence areas System Development, System Management, Architects and Test.

IT consulting solutions
Covers all areas of expertise above.

The contract block was passed last week, but since three out of four areas listed above are under appeal, agreements will be signed in the area of “IT support to the business operations”. The contracts for the other areas will await the appeal process.

Within the framework agreement of the signed area, the following roles can be found:

Area 1 – IT support to the business operations
– Usability architect
– Usability design/UX designer
– Graphic designer
– Requirements Manager and Requirement Analyst
– Method support
– Modelling leader
– Technical writer/documentation/technical information
– Usability and user interface test
– Accessibility customisation
– Business analysts and Business Development
– Web designer

    The contract starts from contract signing with a contract period of four years. The total order value is estimated at approximately SEK 1.2 billion.

    “I am very pleased and proud that we won this important and prestigious framework agreement. It is a clear sign of our strength as a digitalisation partner with delivery in strategy, technology and communication. Based on this agreement, we can deliver on the total need for business and IT consultants for the public sector. Now we are very excited to get started and support the different authorities,” says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group.

    To meet all the procurement needs in the very best way and with the highest quality, Nexer and the consultant broker A Society cooperate in this agreement. The co-operation provides great opportunities and breadth, both in terms of technical height and volume, which is important to meet the public sector’s varying needs.

    “This is a team effort with many involved who, with great cooperation, great commitment and hard work, went “all in” to make this happen. A good example of how we in Nexer live by our values of “put your heart in it and make it happen,” concludes Hani Abou, Procurement Manager at Nexer.

    More information

    Hani Abou, BU Manager Public Sector, Nexer
    +46 767 010001

    Beatrice Silow, Communication and culture manager, Nexer Group
    +46 703 791506