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20 Sep 2021

Nexer Cybersecurity to enable security strategy with SAFE Security

Nexer Cybersecurity has signed a strategic agreement with the leading Cyber Risk Quantification and breach prediction Platform vendor SAFE Security. Through this partnership, Nexer Cybersecurity will enable its enterprise clients across various industry sectors in the Nordics to predict and quantify the impact of potential breaches, continuously monitor, and measure their cyber risk exposure. Nexer will also utilize the SAFE platform to design and deliver other high-end cybersecurity services aimed at providing a more holistic approach to risk management.

The challenges related to cybersecurity are growing in organizations across industries globally Over the past two decades massive investments have been made to mitigate potential threats and other security related issues. However, very few can measure their security posture versus risk appetite in real-time. Even fewer can state whether their existing investments or their upcoming ones are/will be reasonably relevant to the risks they are supposed to mitigate.

The Board and Executive leadership are now personally involved in the cybersecurity strategy of the enterprise, however there is a paucity/lack of a simplified way to communicate cyber risks to them from the operating team, especially in a language they would understand.

Jesper Svegby CEO of Nexer Cybersecurity comments:
“It is mission critical for every organization to be able to base its decisions on facts and statistics. This is all possible today and enables cybersecurity to catch up with the rest of the IT industry when it comes to enabling organizations to validate efficiency / ROI and TCO for security investments. Moreover, keeping track of what specifically is disabling the organization from reaching the target set for their posture regardless of whether this is purely internal target or the result of regulatory compliance.”

Cherif Sleiman, Chief Revenue Officer for Safe Security said, “We are delighted to partner with Nexer who is a proven cyber security practitioner. With this partnership in the Nordic region, we can bring the guessing game to an end and help organizations embrace a more proactive, predictive and structured approach to manage and mitigate cyber risks across: people, processes, technology and business partnerships in real-time.”

About Nexer:
Nexer Cybersecurity is a specialist company within Nexer Group, a tech company deeply rooted in the Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation, with a global presence and delivery. Nexer has kept customers one step ahead for over 30 years, with cutting-edge services in strategy, technology and communication. Today, some of the largest, most demanding companies in the world rely on Nexer’s dedication and expertise within digitalization, artificial intelligence, IT and R&D. The company has long-term partnerships with market-leading platform providers, and we have been appointed as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Sweden and Brazil – twice.

Nexer Group employs 2300 experts in 10 countries. The company is a part of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held company with 8,000 employees in 16 countries. Before 2021, Nexer operated under the name Sigma IT.

About Safe Security:
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Safe Security is a pioneer and leader in the “Cyber security and Digital Business Risk Quantification” (CRQ) space. It helps organizations measure and mitigate enterprise-wide cyber risk in real-time using its ML Enabled API-First SAFE Platform by aggregating automated signals across people, process, and technology, both for first & third parties to dynamically predict the breach likelihood (SAFE Score) & dollar risk of an organization.

The SAFE scoring model is built as joint research at MIT that incorporates cyber security sensors data, external threat intelligence, and business context and places it together in a Bayesian Network of a Supervised Machine Learning scoring engine to give out scores and dollar value risk that the organization faces. The scores are calculated both at a macro and micro level and can also be measured for particular Lines of Business / Crown Jewels / Departments.

The SAFE Scores will enable the organization to have a “common language” across teams, from the board all the way down to an analyst to be aligned with a consistent risk metric along with justifying investments in cyber security and purchase of cyber insurance for the organization.

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Contacts at Nexer Cybersecurity:

Jesper Svegby
CEO Nexer Cybersecurity

Niklas Nilsson
Head of Quantitative Risk

Debaman Guin,
Director, Communication