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9 Sep 2022

Nexer and Kairos Future help companies towards a sustainable footprint.

Footprint Data Management is a sustainable and scalable solution to manage Product Environmental Footprint. It's a data-driven approach to sustainability work.

Footprint Data Management is a sustainable and scalable solution to manage Product Environmental Footprint. It’s a data-driven approach to sustainability work.

Earlier this year, at the largest exhibition on sustainability in the Nordics, NSE, Nexer with their partner Kairos Future entered the stage to talk about how companies can take control of their products’ environmental footprint with a sustainable, scalable data-driven approach. They presented a model to help companies go from vision to continuous process development by setting ambition and goals and managing sustainability data like other business-critical data on a Master Data Management platform.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly vital for all companies, and the demands from owners, investors and consumers are intensifying as well as new regulations.

“Based on our long-term experience in Data Management and multiple projects with companies from different industries, we saw the need and potential to utilise MDM platforms to manage and improve their Environmental Footprint. Together with Kairos Future, we support companies that have the ambition to lead in sustainability and go from vision to delivery of their sustainability goals, says Fredrik Larsson, CEO Nexer Data Management.”

“Companies risk unconscious green-washing when they measure incorrect or the wrong data. Together with Kairos Future, we can help companies help themselves. Sustainability should never be just another project but part of the business goals and the only plan forward. A sustainable company of today must manage its sustainability data like other business-critical data and include it in their data management strategy.” says Anna Enarsson, Project Manager for Sustainable Footprint at Nexer.”

One of Nexer’s customers, Oatly, was looking for a solution and platform that could centralise data from many different sources and systems to take control of their products’ actual footprint throughout the lifecycle and create data transparency for better driven decisions based on real-time data.

“It’s easy to pull data from external sources into an MDM platform, and you can also ensure you’re exporting the same data to different downstream points, such as the web or internal visualisation tools. You don’t have to manually move data between systems. If you build your Product Footprint on a central MDM platform, you know that you are starting from accurate data when you work with it. If there are changes, you will see it immediately in addition MDM platforms have built-in tools to work with pure data quality measures.” Albin Junhede, Sustainability Reporting System Lead, Oatly.

Read more about Footprint Data Management and the Oatly use case here:


About Nexer
Nexer Data Management, part of Nexer Group, are experts on MDM and PIM and partners with world-leading Data Management platform developers like Stibo Systems and Syndigo and offers consultation, implementation and support in the Nordics and USA and is a part of Master Data Alliance. Nexer Group is a global company with a Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. Nexer has 2,300 employees in 15 countries focused on delivering business transformation through strategy, technology, and communication.

About Kairos Future
Kairos Future is an international consulting and research company that assists companies and organisations to understand and shape their futures, through well-informed and clear insights about challenges and opportunities ahead. The vision is a world where everyone puts the future first.

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