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8 Jun 2021

Nexer acquires Kairos Future for future proof digitalisation

The management team from Nexer and Kairos Future. From the left, Jörgen Jedbratt, Mats Lindgren, Johanna Danielsson, Lars Kry, Martin Am Zoll, Erik Herngren

Nexer strengthens its position as a strategic partner in digital transformation and business development by acquiring and becoming the main owner of Kairos Future – a leader in future-oriented strategy and innovation work. Together Nexer and Kairos Future occupy an exciting position in the market by offering future-proof digital transformation.

Along with value shifts and institutional development, technology is the most important driving force for change. For over 30 years, Nexer has delivered innovative tech solutions to some of the world’s most well-known and demanding companies. Kairos Future is an international consulting and analysis company that helps leaders worldwide create sustainable companies; shaping tomorrow’s society through future-oriented strategy and innovation work. Together, Nexer and Kairos Future offers end-to-end solutions, future-proof tech strategies and the implementation of impactful digital transformation programmes. Something that is in demand by more and more customers nationally and globally.

– In addition to climate change, digitalisation is the most important change in the world around us right now. The collaboration with Nexer provides a fantastic opportunity for us to take the next step on Kairos Futures’ journey and support our customers in the many transformation processes that are taking place, both nationally and internationally, says Mats Lindgren, CEO and founder of Kairos Future.

By building on a long-standing collaboration between Nexer and Kairos Future, with the acquisition, the next step is taken towards being able to guide customers to make the right decision today in order to be successful tomorrow.

– As the tech company of the future, we focus on strategy, tech and communication and together with Kairos Future, we strengthen our competence in future-oriented strategy and innovation work. Our customers face increasingly complex challenges and are looking for a long-term partner who can be involved from the conceptual level that extends up to 10-15 years ahead to concrete implementation. Together, we aim for a tomorrow that carries a promise of a better future for all, explains Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group AB.

– The board has continuously discussed various future paths and partnerships. Nexer was the company that matched our requirements specification, and together we are given even greater opportunities to develop our business, comments Michael Forsmark, Chairman of the Board of Kairos Future.

Kairos Future will continue to be an independent company with its own brand and have the same business concept and operations as before.

The new ownership structure is 60% Nexer and 40% by Kairos Futures’ current owners.

About Nexer Group AB:
Nexer Group (formerly Sigma IT) is a global tech company with roots in the Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and innovative power. Nexer has 1,600 experts in 9 countries and is part of the Danir Group, a Swedish privately owned company with 8,000 employees in 16 countries. Today, Nexer works with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies, adding expertise in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IT and R&D.

About Kairos Future AB
Kairos Future is an international consulting and analysis company that helps leaders worldwide create sustainable companies and society’s future through future-oriented strategy and innovation work. Kairos Future was founded in 1993, is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices, representatives and partners all over the world.

Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture Nexer Group
+46 703 791506

Johanna Danielsson, VP Kairos Future
+46 703 924537