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10 Jun 2021

Great interest in Nexer’s global innovation competition Dream Big

September 19, 2021, is the last day to submit your application to the Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race

Now it’s time again for the Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race – a global innovation competition aimed at entrepreneurs with the ambition to develop and launch a new service or product in tech.

The origin of Dream Big is to support entrepreneurs with great business potential but also address the inequality that exists in entrepreneurial Sweden. A survey conducted by DI shows that only 1% of all Swedish venture capital goes to companies with female founders. The gender imbalance is most evident among tech startups. To make a change and point out the situation, Nexer 2018 launched the innovation competition Dream Big based on equality, and now it´s time again to make business dreams come true with Dream Big.
To reach an as broad audience as possible Nexer has used several different marketing channels. Among other things, outdoor advertising and digital marketing with banners, social media and native.

Dream Big is open to business ideas in digitalization. You can compete either alone or as a team, and the winner/winners must want to run a startup. The winning criteria are based on business potential and innovation height. The prize sum is up to SEK 1 million.

– 2020 Dream Big was on pause due to the pandemic but this year we run it again. The response has been great, and the applications are dropping in at a steady pace, says Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture, Nexer Group.

    The ideas presented in the applications do not have to be finalized. It can, for example, be a business- and marketing plan, Proof of Concept or prototype. However, the ideas are not allowed to have been commercialized.

    – The first campaign week, the frequency of visits to increased by 364% compared to the previous week and the landing page of the Dream Big competition, where innovators can register for the competition, was the most visited landing page. Proof that there are a lot of great business potential and a great interest in the competition, says Lars Kry, CEO, Nexer Group.

    September 19, 2021, is the last day to submit your application to the Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race:

    For more information contact:
    Beatrice Silow, Director Communications & Culture at Nexer.
    Phone: +46 703 791 506