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Having happier customers through PIM and DAM

Today’s omnichannel retail environment is based on customers’ demand for inspiration and information. And this hunger for inspiration and information will only increase in the coming years. So, keeping your customers happy regarding this is essential for survival in a highly competitive business. At the same time, it takes a lot of manual labour to keep your product information up to date and synced across all your platforms. Integrating a PIM (Product Information Management) system with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform can make this job less tiresome and speedier. Timesaving is one of the apparent benefits of PIM and DAM in collaboration. But let’s start with what PIM can do for you.

Insights from PIM

The main insights you get from PIM are what information you have available and what you lack, making it possible for you to update when necessary. You save time since you don’t have to check every single product. Your content will also be graded – from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. PIM scores the data against predetermined standards that fit your organisation, pointing out how your data compares to competitors and customer expectations. And with the ability to gather your product information through PIM, you will receive information faster than ever. You can now spend the time you previously used to analyse data on being creative and come up with fabulous, new marketing ideas.

Insights from DAM

Customers buy with their eyes, so presenting them with first-class digital media is a way to differentiate yourself from the competitors and hook the customers. As for insight, DAM will highlight what images are missing and grade your content’s quality. By using the most critical keywords in tagging, you can monitor your product pages’ performance, boosting your SEO strategy.

What about the PIM and DAM combo?

By combining PIM and DAM, all your digital assets are collected, organised, and updated in one place – a single source of truth. And since PIM smoothly links images with your product descriptions, you save even more precious time. The combination also enables an improved customer journey and experience – from the customer’s first browsing and all the way to purchase. This is, for example, because the PIM and DAM combo enables you to optimise your product information, media, and marketing. The unique and personalised shopping experience you now can give your customers means more money for you and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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