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We digitalized the customer return experience and managed to optimize the return flow as well!

Reached the point of no return?
We made sure, one of Sweden’s largest fashion and beauty e-commerce companies, implemented a new digitalized return experience. The costs of their return handling were rapidly escalating, so we implemented a new strategy and concept to better meet customer purchasing behavior and digitally managing returns. The result? Improved online services during return registration, leading to less unwanted returns and more conversions of returns into new purchases.

the solution

Nelly – fashion and beauty online for women and non-binary people is one of Sweden’s largest fashion and beauty e-commerce companies, founded in 2003. Today, the shopping site is present in eleven different countries, mainly targeted at women and non-binary people aged 18-35.

Returns are a big challenge for e-commerce
E-commerce is expected to keep on growing and so is the return rate, as online customer purchasing behavior is indirectly connected to returning items, due to customer behaviour. Managing these parts of the e-commerce business in a sustainable way is therefore vital to the success of any company in this field.

We set a strategy for returns

We developed a return strategy with customer journey and efficient returns management in mind. We developed a concept for managing returns digitally and for implementing a POC (proof of concept) to support a smooth customer journey. The aim was to increase the possibilities to control and optimize the return flow, to reduce the number of unwanted returns and also convert the return journey into new purchases.

The Maverick delivery

– Interviews, workshops and analysis
– Competitor analysis and benchmarking
– Mapping customer journeys
– Recommendations to reduce returns
– Defined KPI:s to measure the effects
– System requirements for implementation

The outcome

a digitalized customer return experience

Reduce return rate will be able to significantly reduce its return rate, partly by preventing unwanted returns, but also by increasing online services in connection to return registration.

optimize return freights

The solution will also enable to control and optimize return freights.

smooth returns

Upsales and smooth returns/exchange for the customers during the return process.

Peter Knapp
Marketing Manager, E-com strategist


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