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Unlock the value of your data faster

build the advanced data & analytics foundation to power your digital business


Data is the fuel for modern businesses, with those who use it most efficiently best placed to succeed. But many companies are drowning in data, managed with disparate technologies and tools, operated by increasingly lean teams, with reducing budgets. Integrating real-time data from IoT devices and AI brings even more challenges.

That’s where Nexer Insight’s Modern Data & Analytics solution can help. Designed for collaboration and low-time to value delivery, you can utilise multiple data sources including IoT, enable informed decisions supported by AI, and drive better outcomes to build a brighter future for your business.

The foundations of a data-driven organisation:

1. A cloud-based enterprise data and analytics strategy delivered through an agile, dynamic, and modern platform

2. A data maturity assessment to evaluate and benchmark the maturity of data capabilities within the enterprise

3. A tailored, best practice, agile, and tool-driven data governance and operating model strategy

4. Data warehouse migration and modernisation strategy to a Modern Data Platform in the Cloud

the benefits of a modern data and analytics approach

Our Modern Data and Analytics solution brings all your key data together as a single trusted source of truth. It provides structure, principles to follow, total scalability, and endless possibilities for integrations and new ways of generating value.

Benefits include:

unlock the value and power of your data

– Combine operational, finance, and real time data streams from IoT to drive immediate insight

– Harness intelligence and innovation with AI

– Measurable revenue, opportunities, and growth

– Enable a continuous cycle of organizational improvements

evidence-based data strategy

– Rather than personal judgments, traditions, or other influences

– In conjunction with a Modern Data and Analytics Solution enabling integrity, completeness, and accessibility across the organization

drive growth through customer-focused product innovation and design

– Integrated with a Modern Data and Analytics Solution to provide data consolidation from fragmented sources

– Innovation and design centered on a holistic view of the customers’ data

simplify the data and system landscapes

– Modernising the IT estate to become a data-driven organisation

– Reduce Governance and Data Management costs

– Consolidate data from fragmented sources

– “Democratise” controlled data access across the organisation

– Enhance organisational agility to respond to change

– Improve ROI from analytics professionals

data governance by design

– A Modern Data and Analytics Solution to facilitate the data governance and compliance process

– Standard and cost-effective role-based access controls with common and integrated access logging and monitoring provide robust and reliable data access security

– Standard logging and auditing provide a detailed and cross-platform view of user access

adoption entry points

– Organizations can focus on the highest return for development and delivery

– The Modern Data and Analytics Solution can integrate quickly, providing an incremental path to data transformation

modern analytics with power bi

As data becomes more accessible, manipulating vast amounts of it to drive insights and make business decisions can be challenging. Business leaders at every level need to become data literate and understand data and analytical concepts that may have previously seemed out of reach, including statistical methods, machine learning, and data management.

Microsoft Power BI brings advanced analytics to the daily business decision process, enabling users to extract and analyze data and share insights at all levels of a business. It provides a 360-degree view of the most critical metrics through dashboards, all in one place, updated in real-time, and available on any device. Power BI provides you with data and insights, and it can answer questions in real-time. By utilising natural language interpretation, Power BI presents you with information that answers questions based on its data.

Nexer Insight’s Modern Data and Analytics Solution takes Power BI to the next level by turning your data into opportunities to drive better business decisions by analysing your data for insights. Our experts work with you to implement your Power BI solution specific to your business needs, existing infrastructure, and local frameworks.

Requirements and Design
Many software and hardware systems collect and generate data across your business, with some of the line-of-business platforms having their own data reporting and analytics capabilities. However, none of the individual platforms provide an integrated, managed, and reliable view of organisation-wide information that can be analysed and enriched to drive high-quality decision-making and operation of the business.

The solution to this issue is the implementation of a business information capability that was traditionally based around a data warehouse with associated BI reporting. Our Modern Data and Analytics solution is the evolution of this.

The key features that identify an information solution as “Modern Data” are:

— Use cloud-based and cost-effective “Big Data” technology such as distributed file systems and processing (data lakes) with support for structured and unstructured data within the same platform – you don’t need big data to benefit from this

— Multi-stage processing architecture that stores interim versions (Bronze, Silver, Gold) of data to simplify processing logic and provide data lineage and traceability

— Modern script-based processing tools that seamlessly merge traditional ETL and data movement functionality with advanced Machine Learning and AI, allowing rapid innovation

— Standard tools for monitoring, auditing, and security lower costs of operation and improve governance

— DataOps approach to delivery that supports automated, multiple environment deployments allowing rapid and incremental delivery of data assets to the business

— Powerful and accessible visualization and end-user data tools allow organization-wide access to curated, reliable, and secured data.

case study:
Urban pest control

Nexer Insight helped urban pest control experts Anticimex gain actionable intelligence on pest activities with a Modern Data and Analytics Platform fed by Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and integrated with near-real-time Power BI dashboards.

Case study:
Manufacturing customer

Nexer Insight helped a manufacturing client apply IoT Edge computing and computer vision to capture key data from their production processes. The client used Modern Data and Analytics to analyse problems as they occurred with Power BI and figure out how to avoid them in the future.



Nexer connected pest control sensors and traps into an end-to-end Azure-enabled digital pest control solution utilizing Azure IoT Hub and Azure microservices.

See case film:

built on the modern data platform

The Modern Data Platform is a secure, future-proof environment designed for collaboration, efficient data leveraging, and low time to value. This is an essential solution for your business if you handle large amounts of data with various data streams and sources.

data apps

Provide employees and teams with data apps to solve business and collaboration issues by integrating and enriching data from across the organisation

power bi reports & dashboards

Create interactive, custom Power BI reports and dashboards with simplicity

data sharing & embedded analytics

Share selected analytics and insights securely with partners and customers

self-service analytics

Make data securely accessible to all, freeing up analyst and data engineer time

all your data needs. one simple approach

Today, it is crucial to invest in data modernisation. It’s what drives digital transformation and what allows businesses to use their data to drive revenue and loyalty.

Businesses that invest in data and analytics technologies will consistently outperform their peers in productivity and revenue, leading the market in their sectors.

Nexer Insight will discuss, strategise and implement a Modern Data and Analytics solution designed for your businesses so you can harness your data to support your business and growth goals and initiatives.

If you’re interested to speak to a sales specialist now, please contact us today.

our services


Data is the fuel for modern businesses, with those who use it most efficiently best placed to succeed. But many companies are drowning in data, managed with disparate technologies and tools, operated by increasingly lean teams, with reduced budgets. Integrating real-time data from IoT devices and AI brings even more challenges. That’s where Nexer Insight’s Modern Data & Analytics solution can help.

Designed for collaboration and low-time-to-value delivery, you can utilise multiple data sources, including IoT, enable informed decisions supported by AI, and drive better outcomes to build a brighter future for your business.

In this webinar, hosted by Mark Crowne, Business Manager, you will learn how to unlock business insights and value with a Modern Data and Analytics solution from Nexer.

Topics covered:
– The value of a modern data and analytics solution & why you should invest in one, presented by Simon Lidberg, Microsoft

– How a Modern Data Platform can solve the most significant data challenges to create the ultimate business experience, presented by Gustaf Öqvist, Nexer Insight

– Customer story, presented by Gustaf Öqvist, Nexer Insight

modern data and analytics – requirements and design

The Nexer Insight approach to adopting a Modern Data and Analytics Solution begins with a Requirements and Design phase. We work collaboratively with your business, technical and data stakeholders and flex our approach to the maturity of your data estate. The target deliverables are:

High-Level Requirements
– Assessment of your current data assets and sources
– Capture the current and aspirational information and insight requirements
– Document high-level data domain

High-Level Design
– Definition of current state architecture
– Definition of a best practice Modern Data Platform architecture
– Identify adaptions and tailoring for your business and technical landscape
– Definition of data integrations
– Best practice governance and processes to support the platform
– Skills adoption and learning approach

Implementation Roadmap
– Collaborative planning with your company based on the business, technical and market state.
– Iterative and or multi-phase delivery roadmap
– Define minimum mandatory functionality (or MVP) to operate safely in production
– Identify logical sets of source systems, business user domains, and functionality that can be delivered together
– Migration and transition activities where legacy data systems are involved

platform in a day

Nexer Insight helps your organisation design, plan, deploy, and adopt a Platform in a Day as part of your strategic approach to delivering insights and crucial data as part of a healthy data culture.

Within minutes of being set up, we help you evaluate, transform, and consolidate data across multiple sources and start analysing it with help from tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Azure Databricks.

Nexer Insight uses our Azure blueprint, framework data sets, and Power BI reporting templates to deliver new insights quickly.

Using a proven approach, we deliver:

– Deployed infrastructure and services in your own Azure Subscription

– Services:
Azure Data Factory – Orchestration of data pipelines
Azure Databricks – Data processing
Azure Data Lake Gen 2 – Data storage
Azure Virtual Network – Isolation of traffic
Azure Key Vault – Management of secrets

– Establishment of CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps

– The services will be connected, and you will have a data platform ready to be used

– Presentation and walkthrough of the deployed platform

– Walkthrough of data storage principles and architecture

– Completion of your first Azure setup to ready your cloud data environment

partnering with some of the best companies

With Nexer, you get a partner with experience in helping customers become more data-driven through implementing a Modern Data and Analytics Solution.

We partner with leading software companies, including Microsoft and Databricks, and technology consultants, including Criterium, and The Data Gym, to give you the best possible platform built on the latest technologies.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are a leader within the partner community and can offer you:

— Advanced Specialization certification in AI and Machine Learning

— A unified team of specialists and experts with advanced training and extensive experience in the world’s leading technology

— The highest level of standards across the industry

— Continuous attentive customer support from our expert customer service tea

— Best-in-class training tools and programs

— Consultative expertise with the industry’s best Microsoft implementation and deployment

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