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advanced analytics

predicting the future by better
analysing your data

Leading organisations understand the importance of making high-quality data accessible, usable, and trusted. Our experience is that companies with significant growth in earnings often attribute parts of that growth directly to their data initiatives – and to analysing and understanding their collected data. Imagine continuously analysing and drawing valuable insights from all your organisation’s data assets – regardless of source; how this would help you become more predictive and increase your decision-making accuracy.

We can help you achieve this competitive edge through predictive modeling and analysis, machine learning, algorithms, AI, data science, data engineering, and visualisation – beyond traditional business intelligence methods – to help you become data driven and predict the future with your scalable data platform customised for your organisation and your needs.

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OUR offerings


Become more data driven in an effective way.

Let us help you implement a unified modern data platform for all types of data and AI, allowing you to become a much more data-driven organisation; imagine that you could combine data warehouse performance with data lake flexibility. A Modern Data Platform is a future-proof architecture for Analytics. It is a functional architecture with all components to support modern data warehousing, machine learning, AI development, and real-time data ingesting and processing. It consolidates your data from multiple sources and essentially becomes your “single source of truth.” Through a modern data platform, users in your organisation will easily find the data they need when they need it.



Strengthen your ability to direct resources and prioritise.

Business Intelligence equals taking the pulse of how your business is constantly going, analysing your data, and making practical and informed decisions based on them. The more you can automate your decision support, the more time you get for maintaining quality and making improvements. In short, you can better direct your resources to problem areas or prioritise the most profitable areas and customer segments. Identify unnecessary costs, analyse deviations in a specific process or follow sales trends during different campaigns. Let us help you with professional data visualisation and turn your business data into effective, automated decision support.

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Gain insight and ramp up your business.

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science to help you gain insight, automate your processes, improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, ramp up business growth, digital transformation, and elevate revenue. Within the concept of AI, we work with subfields such as computer vision and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Computer vision helps you extrapolate meaningful information from digital images, videos, and other types of visuals. NLP – Natural Language Processing, based on machine-learning algorithms – lets you process and analyse large amounts of texts originally written by and for humans.

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Connect your products and grow your business.

Do you have an idea for a new product, or do you have a product to which you would like to add an extra service in the form of data collection in real time? Or maybe you have a connected product that you would like to connect to other systems. Either way, we can help you with your next-generation IoT product or service. By accelerating your IoT data, you save money and get much quicker business growth.

We have the broad and deep knowledge you need to build complete and secured IoT and real-time data solutions and work with everything from secure device connectivity to application management, storage, and analytics.

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Our customers

Why choose us? Our customers say they like working with us because of our curiosity about their specific situation, our agility and adaptability, and our vast experience and track record in complex projects. Rest assured, you will not be our first school project. We have a unique skill set of competencies through the value chain of data, which will benefit you as a customer.



Nexer connected pest control sensors and traps into an end-to-end Azure-enabled digital pest control solution utilizing Azure IoT Hub and Azure microservices.

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To progressively increase safety, a global pharmaceutical company applied lessons learned from past incidents to create an open platform that they can use to deploy a series of safety applications. These applications will progressively increase safety while respecting data privacy and security concerns.



In this unique collaborative project with NCC and Sharc, Nexer created a digital twin of the Sigfridsborg School while the school was in production. The objective was to evaluate how building projects can be safer, more sustainable, and effective.



The Coala Life team came to Nexer with an idea and left with their first revolutionary product. A Heart Monitor that records heart rates and measures ECG, performing analysis of symptoms in near real time in the cloud, based on algorithms.

mark crowne

Business Manager, United Kingdom


mattias zaunders

Business Manager, United States


carl tönseth

Business Manager IoT & AI, Sweden