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Nexer has been providing Care 365 (Application Management and Support) and project services to a global truck manufacturer in Sweden since 2016 for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions, including earlier versions.


extensive application landscape

The Global truck manufacturer is a large company with many diverse activities requiring application support, e.g., research & development, manufacturing, distribution, truck services, financial services, warehouse operations, and more. An essential section of this landscape is populated by the ERP system from Microsoft; Dynamics D365, which is used for multiple purposes like global distribution, warehouse operations and financial services. The ERP solution integrates with many other systems like consolidated book-keeping, business intelligence, production planning, regional warehouses et cetera.



In 2016 Nexer and the global truck manufacturer developed knowledge around Dynamics D365 to the Nexer support team, who gained insight into the setup, customisations and integrations. The transition lasted around two months, and it included introductions into the specific support processes, teams and systems developed at the truck manufacturer over an extended time. Nexer’s support team performs end-user support for Europe and Asia as a Level 2 support team.



After having established itself as a reliable partner, Nexer is provided with the opportunity to expand the services into Level 3 support and, in cooperation with the truck manufacturer, move part of the service offshore in India to lower the manufacturers cost. At the same time, Nexer starts to handle change requests, system management and One version upgrade (this is Microsoft’s concept with minor incremental updates supported by automatic regression tests).

The support scope and calendar now include countries from the Far East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the American continents. Nexer supports a wide range of functional modules, including Finance, Sales, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Purchasing.

detailed services provided

incident management

There is around the clock management of incoming support tickets from multiple instances and thousands of users on all inhabited continents. Close attention for severe incidents where manufacturing or warehouse operations are down. Tight cooperation with other support teams for integrated systems.

service request management

Handling agreed on service requests from the manufacturers IT department and end- users like providing access to new users or loading annual budgets into the system.

change request management

Complete management of system changes like gathering requirements, estimation of effort, design, coding, testing and deployment, all according to the manufacturer change processes.

problem request management

For severe and recurring incidents, Nexer investigates the actual root cause and researches possible mediations to avoid the incidents from happening in the future.

system management

Spinning up new environments for development, test or production, taking backups to support environments for incident resolution, participating in incident resolution for performance issues, et cetera and upgrading the instances with hotfixes and cumulative updates and assisting projects in version upgrades.

release management

Release of new functionality from internal projects and from One version by Microsoft.

test management

Nexer is assisting the manufacturer with the setup and execution of automatic regression tests in connection with One version updates.

service management

Nexer governs the entire service delivery through the AMAS and service managers, who monitors daily operations, including the pickup and resolution of support tickets according to SLA agreements. The service is also governed via operational, tactical and strategic meetings between Nexer and relevant management from the manufacturer.
At these meetings, the service is reported as to volumes, SLA performance, costs et cetera. A shared view of upcoming changes to the support scope is one outcome of the meetings, and improvements to the service are also discussed.

the manufacturer’s comments

“We have had an educational journey with Nexer for several years. Nexer have transformed us from running the entire administration to manage most part now offshore. We have worked in close partnership on this journey, and today, we have a good, proactive service with less cost. It also means that we can focus on new projects that will make us more efficient and competitive with better data. We have always had an open, cooperative and friendly environment with Nexer with a common goal always to do better”, says responsible for the Care 365 service at the truck manufacturer.

nexer’s comments

“We are humbly proud that the truck manufacturer for several years has trusted us to deliver this important function. It is an honour to contribute to better and more cost-effective solutions for our prominent Swedish industrial companies. Together we believe in a promising future for our customers and the world at large”,
says Fredrik Enborg, Head of Strategy and Business at Nexer.

benefits for truck manufacturer

The manufacturer can concentrate their IT operations on
improvements and roll-outs of the D365 solution to an
increasingly larger user base and not spend much time
considering the support and system maintenance; Nexer
handles that part. With the move offshore, Nexer has been
able to lower the support and maintenance costs
considerably, and the manufacturer’s employees have been
able to focus on proactive work.

Some technological edge advice has been provided from Nexer, allowing the manufacturer to reap benefits from Microsoft’s never-ending product improvements, like One version and the automatic tool for regression testing, RSAT. With Nexer’s global footprint, with operations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, a support technician from Nexer is always awake when a user at the manufacturers’ needs support.


The manufacturer is fun to work with. The excitement for Microsoft’s application portfolio is shared between the manufacturer and Nexer, and many fruitful exchanges of how best to use it takes place and is bi-directional.

The journey with further improvements to lower the cost and be more effective in the daily work will continue. The roadmap is set and both Nexer and the Global Manufacturer are committed.

About the global truck manufacturer

The truck manufacturer is a world-leading provider of transport solutions. Together with partners and customers, they are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

The truck manufacturer provides sales and service operations in more than 100 countries. They also offer financial services in many markets and have production units in Europe, South America and Asia. The company has 49 000 employees,
is founded and headquartered in Sweden and is owned by Volkswagen through its truck unit Traton.

About nexer

Nexer is a tech company deeply rooted in the Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation with a global presence and delivery. We’ve kept our customers one step ahead since the early days of the internet; strategically, technologically, and communicatively.

Today, some of the largest, most demanding companies globally rely on our dedication and expertise. We also have long-term partnerships with the market-leading product and platform providers and have twice been appointed as
Microsoft Country Partner of the year. At Nexer we have 3 000 experts in 10 countries. Nexer is a part of Danir group, a Swedish privately held company.

about nexer enterprise applications

Nexer Enterprise Applications specialises in Microsoft Dynamics services; the leading global digital transformation expert working as a strategic adviser and provides implementation, development and 24/7 operational support of Microsoft Dynamics applications. The overall goal is to increase a business’s productivity and efficiency, improving their way of working and providing timely and accurate information to manage the operations and business growth.

Nexer is a one-stop shop when it comes to Microsoft products and technology. Nexer provides customer engagement, finance, and supply chain solutions, IoT, AI, e-commerce, advanced analytics, digital transformation, and modern workplace solutions. Nexer provides a global delivery with 15 Offices in AMERICAS, ASIA, EUROPE.

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