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Flexibility and scalability with Microsoft 365 


Company offering integrated and specialized security, technology, and facility solutions modernizes its processes and gains agility with Microsoft 365.


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Since 1979, Security Segurança e Serviços has been a strategic partner for companies seeking tailor-made security and service solutions for their specific business needs. The company’s teams and processes are focused on simplifying the client’s life and assisting them with efficiency and cost optimization. 

One of the pillars of their strategic planning is the alignment of business processes with the technology environment and digital transformation, with a focus on adding value to their clients through technology-driven operational management and designing the best security, technology, and facility projects.


Microsoft 365 is a means of accessing leading cloud-based productivity software. With it, companies gain flexibility, scalability, and highly adaptable software for their business.



Activate or deactivate new applications and services in a matter of minutes, without bureaucracy or delay!


Always have the most up-to-date features of the applications your company uses and ensure greater productivity for your teams.


No longer rely on local infrastructure to support your Office. In the cloud, you only pay monthly for the licenses you use!


Deploy and manage Microsoft 365 without needing an IT technician. You can add or remove users in minutes.


Install Microsoft 365, at no additional cost, on up to 5 devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone, or others) and access your files anytime!

The first major challenge overcome by Security Segurança e Serviços was in terms of architecture, as they transitioned from a reality based on on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based implementation model, aligning availability and reliability. In addition to ensuring the protection of information and sensitive data, the company sought a flexible and mobile-friendly work platform to enhance team productivity. Security found all these aspects in Microsoft 365.

Security has diverse use of the Office 365 applications, from the more traditional tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, to some developments in Power BI.

The implementation of Microsoft 365 took place during the beginning of the pandemic, which allowed for efficient remote work, especially since Security’s sales process is primarily assisted. The company has teams spread throughout the country, and therefore, the Teams platform facilitated meetings, sales prospecting, and supported commercial management, as well as strengthening communication with clients, prospects, and partners.


The closeness provided by Teams has fostered collaboration between the administrative core and employees spread throughout Brazil. With the widespread use of these resources, the number of coordinated workgroups and initiatives has significantly increased.

The ease of implementation, coupled with Nexer’s support, was a differential in Security’s choice. The adoption of this technology by the team happened naturally due to its usability and unique experience. With the migration, the company was able to promote the creation of virtual events and interactive live sessions with its employees, generating a natural integration movement for project development.  

As a result of the closer collaboration among the parties involved in the initiatives, the company gained productivity through facilitated and improved quality of its environments. Today, the Security community has a robust toolset with a complete portfolio of applications for real-time communication, online conferences, and collaborative work.

The proximity, flexibility, migration, and integration provided by Microsoft solutions were essential for Security to achieve positive results.

Glauco Ruiz, IT, Innovation, and Projects Manager at Security, emphasizes:

“Security has been heavily investing in technology as a driving force for its operation. With the reality of the pandemic, Microsoft 365 played a fundamental role in the company’s transformation. For example, Teams is a collaborative, unified tool that enables interaction among teams, conferences with clients, partners, and suppliers, file storage and sharing, as well as security and robustness. Our teams now have tools aligned with the best market practices, combining sophistication and convenience to support the consistent transformation process conducted by the company.”


As a company operating in the security segment, cybersecurity is on Security’s radar, and they invest in the best security practices. Therefore, they chose Microsoft 365 considering aspects that ensure traceability, protection, audits, and overall compliance.

The possibility of forming workgroups within the corporate space for more dynamic and rapid information exchange makes all the difference in Security’s operations. Despite being physically dispersed, their teams come together on Teams as if they were gathered in person.

What’s the partnership between Security and Nexer like?  

Like many other companies, Security Segurança e Serviços had to reinvent itself during the pandemic to maintain communication among its employees and with its clients. Erick de Luca, the CEO of the company, states:

“The Microsoft 365 solution was contracted by Security early in the pandemic and was an extremely important tool for the company to be able to continue its business and provide our services with excellence in direct contact with our clients.”

In partnership with Security’s technology team, Nexer provided a seamless migration process that the hiring company had not experienced before. Over two million emails and 500 GB of content were migrated without any data loss or impact on the employees’ day-to-day activities. Every detail was carefully considered to ensure a smooth, fast, and secure migration. 

This partnership is promising as Security continues to invest in integrating its processes with the latest technological platforms. Erick emphasizes that even after the pandemic, when the company returns to in-person interaction, they will maintain the legacy of Microsoft 365 due to the positive experience the solution has provided.

What does Security have to say to companies considering partnering with Nexer? 

arlos Eduardo Varani, CIO of Security, highlights the strategic nature and technical precision of the partnership with Nexer , with real and measurable gains in what he considers the “virtuous trio” composed of effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy. 

According to Varani, empowering employees is a reflection of Security’s good management, which includes investment in collaboration support platforms that enhance the development of their products and services.

The IT executive also points out that by using Microsoft solutions, teams have autonomy to carry out their activities, create online events, and implement integrations of Teams with tools available in the market, such as project management dashboards.

If your company needs to modernize its processes and communication methods, contact a Nexer consultant now and get to know Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft technologies. 

“The first phase involved customer, supplier, and member registration. The integration happens in real-time. It’s another successful product within Microsoft’s case studies.”

Bruno Luiz Miranda, Corporate Manager of Technology and Innovation at Cooabriel

Cooabriel is the only cooperative in Brazil that fully utilizes Microsoft’s cloud technology and is among the 105 Brazilian companies recognized as a success story.

The cooperative’s technological renewal process, using Microsoft’s cloud technology, began about a year ago with the migration of its entire infrastructure, data, and systems to the cloud.

The path of digital transformation came as a technological adaptation necessity to meet the cooperative’s growth. After assessing the needs, the pillars of collaboration, security, and modern infrastructure were identified.

Does your company also need a digital transformation?

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