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digital asset management

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DAM solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a centralized online hub that allows you to create, share, track, and manage digital assets. DAM simplifies the management of all your digital files, including documents, videos, audio, design files, presentations, and more.
DAM ensures that your digital assets are properly indexed and structured with metadata, making them accessible from a single main source. You can search for files using parameters like tags, categories, and descriptions, even if you don’t remember their names.
Nexer partners with QBank, specialists in Digital Asset Management solutions that streamline market communications by centrally managing digital files and information.

dam with pim

Maximize your Inriver PIM investment by integrating it with DAM. Streamlined workflows, automatic publishing, and version control provide full control throughout your product images’ lifecycle.
While PIM excels in product information, DAM specializes in organizing and distributing rich media. Together, they create an amazing combination!

dam with e-commerce

E-commerce websites must continually enhance user experience to stay relevant. Product-related media, such as images and videos that explain, inform, and engage, play a crucial role in e-commerce marketing.
Without proper organization, media files can quickly clutter your content management system (CMS). DAM allows e-commerce businesses to leverage innovative technologies, ensuring secure, well-managed access to digital assets.


Leverage brand consistency with Digital Asset Management. DAM enables publishing assets in the right size and format across multiple distribution channels, including websites, social media, and presentations. This ensures precise communication and consistent brand representation.
The system also provides asset usage statistics, tracking where assets have been published and by whom, while allowing full user rights control.

dam for your business

Digital Asset Management (DAM) serves multiple purposes for companies. Brand consistency and “living your brand” have never been more critical. It’s equally vital that your marketing team uses the latest version of your logo, just as your sales team relies on correctly branded company presentations during their sales pitches. You must maintain control over asset usage, ensuring they are employed appropriately, by whom, and where.

why dam?

Single Source of Truth for All Digital
Assets: DAM provides a centralized repository where all digital assets reside.
Instant Asset Retrieval: Easily search and find the correct assets.
Precise Control Over Usage and Publication: Know exactly where each asset is used and published.
Integration Across Marketing Channels: Seamlessly integrate DAM with all marketing channels.
Comprehensive Access and Digital Rights Management: Manage access rights effectively.
Automated File Format Creation and Resolution: Automatically generate various file formats and resolutions.

dam helps you with:

Lack of Control: Multiple storage solutions without awareness of the latest versions or integrations with critical tools.
Complex Legal Rights Management: Handling legal rights associated with social media publishing (such as GDPR and privacy regulations) can be time-consuming.
Findability and Instant Access: Without DAM, finding and accessing digital assets becomes cumbersome.
Asset Usage Overview: Lack of visibility into where assets are used across the Martech Stack.
Integration Gaps: Inefficient workflows due to missing integrations between marketing tools, resulting in redundant asset uploads in different formats (e.g., Falcon, e-commerce, intranet, presentations).
Access Rights Control: Ensuring proper access rights for users.

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