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Embrace a simpler, more cost-effective approach with Owlstreet. By choosing Owlstreet, businesses can save valuable time, streamline processes, and reduce costs. No more manual workarounds or inefficiencies caused by disconnected systems. Our powerful platform facilitates easy and efficient automated integrations, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

why choose owlstreet?

integrates with various third-party applications and systems, enabling effortless data exchange. By connecting with these integrations, Owlstreet enhances its functionality and capabilities. This improved connectivity not only boosts operational efficiency but also supports data-driven decision-making.
Digital Objectives and Innovation: Nexer ensures that organizations achieve their digital objectives by seamlessly integrating legacy systems, cloud-based solutions, and emerging technologies. Stay at the forefront of innovation with Owlstreet.

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Scale, Deliver, and Accelerate

Scalability Simplified: Owlstreet’s integration capabilities allow businesses to expand operations seamlessly. Integrate new applications, data sources, and technologies to adapt to evolving needs.

Exceptional Customer Experiences: Create a unified ecosystem for a complete 360-degree view of customer data. Empower targeted marketing, efficient customer service, and personalized product offerings.

Accelerate Digital Transformation: Owlstreet accelerates clients’ digital transformation initiatives. Seamlessly integrate legacy systems, cloud solutions, and emerging technologies to achieve your digital goals.

Unlock efficiency and slash costs

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:Owlstreet’s system integration platform streamlines data flow, enabling real-time collaboration between disparate systems. Eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and accelerate processes.
Cost Savings: Avoid extensive development and maintenance costs. Owlstreet offers pre-built connectors and integration templates, reducing implementation time and effort. Allocate resources effectively and cut expenses. 

ecommerce excellence

Owlstreet’s system integration platform effortlessly connects your e-commerce platform with various systems like ERP and CRM. Streamline data flow, enable real-time collaboration, and enhance operational efficiency. Unlock opportunities for personalized marketing, targeted promotions, and efficient order management.

pim powerhouse

Efficient product information management is crucial for businesses with vast product catalogs. Owlstreet seamlessly integrates with PIM systems, synchronizing product data and digital assets across multiple channels. Centralize and harmonize product information, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and speed in delivering product details to marketplaces and websites.

dam delight

Digital assets play a vital role in effective marketing and brand communication. Owlstreet’s integration capabilities extend to DAM systems, enabling seamless management and distribution of digital assets across channels. From images to videos and documents, streamline asset workflows, enhance brand consistency, and captivate your audience with compelling visuals.

Customer Communication Excellence

Deliver personalized and timely customer communication effortlessly. Owlstreet integrates with customer communication systems, seamlessly connecting customer data for personalized messaging and engagement. It provides a unified ecosystem that streamlines processes and improves data flow across various platforms.

key advantages of owlstreet

The integration of Owlstreet’s platform into Nexer’s service portfolio will unlock a range of benefits for customers. Some key advantages include:
Enhanced Connectivity: With Owlstreet’s system integration platform, Nexer can seamlessly connect disparate systems, enabling data flow and real-time collaboration between applications. This streamlined connectivity enhances operational efficiency and facilitates data-driven decision-making.
Increased Scalability: Owlstreet’s integration capabilities ensure that businesses can scale their operations without disruption. The platform enables seamless integration of new applications, data sources, and technologies, empowering organizations to adapt to evolving business needs.

ready to go integrations


Norce, BigCommerce, Optimizely, Woocommerce, Adobe Magento


Business Central, MS Dynamics 365 F&O, Fortnox


Akeneo, Inriver, Plytix, Pimcore


Sitoo, Yabi Enterprise (CashIT)


Contentful, WordPress


Voyado, Hubspot, Salesforce


Klarna, Svea




Agolia, Nosto, Clerk

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