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A capable multi-domain MDM platform for sustainably scalable solutions. 


Stibo STEP” is a world-leading, scalable, highly stable, and powerful multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) platform that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and governing master data based on ultra-flexible data models. We have been partners with Stibo Systems since 2011 and operate in the US, UK, and the Nordics. 

Want to learn more about what we can do for you within MDM on the Stibo Systems STEP platform? Keep reading. 

OUR “STIBO STEP” specialist pool

At Nexer, we take pride in having a large team of senior, full-track certified consultants on the Stibo Systems STEP platform. Our consultants are experts in their field, with extensive experience in managing and optimizing Systems solutions for clients across a range of industries. 
All our consultants possess a deep understanding of the Stibo Systems STEP platform and can quickly adapt to your business requirements, ensuring that you receive the support you need to succeed. Whether you require assistance from a Business Solution Architect, help with configurations, integrations, or building custom workflows, our consultants can deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how our team of certified STEP consultants can support and help you succeed on your MDM journey. 


Companies that excel at managing their customer data as a true corporate asset are much more cost-efficient in the development of enterprise initiatives such as compliance, privacy, customer centricity, and digital transformation. This efficiency stems from having a transparent management process around data integration, which significantly reduces costs. Improved data quality and a single source of truth also lead to fewer returns and customer support issues. 

The customer experience is one of the most critical battlegrounds in today’s competitive landscape. Understanding the customer’s needs, anticipating their demands, building confidence with the brand, and respecting privacy are key characteristics of a positive customer experience. 
Obtaining and managing data about your customers that your competitors do not have could give you the necessary edge in user experience. With multi-domain MDM on a platform like Stibo Systems STEP, you can position yourself as a leader. 

“new” data domain creates new horizons

The growing market demands for traceability, investor expectations, new laws, and regulations make it essential to implement a scalable and sustainable solution for managing your corporate ESG data, environmental product data, and even your entire supply chain’s climate “footprints.” 
Managing sustainability data with “master data discipline” establishes a single source of sustainability data, ensuring quality and access while complying with regulations and mitigating the risk of greenwashing. Additionally, this approach lays the foundation for robust analytics. To drive the development of more circular models and products, access to relevant and accurate data, including sharing processes to consolidate scope 1-3 emissions, is crucial. This will undoubtedly support more efficient reporting, including progress measurement and benchmarking. 
Nexer has developed a unique and unprecedented solution to centralize and manage environmental product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data as well as corporate ESG data on the Stibo Systems STEP platform, helping you transition from compliance to leadership. 

Application managed services

We understand the complexities involved in managing MDM systems, which is why we offer comprehensive Application Management services to help our clients optimize their investment in Stibo Systems STEP.  
Our team of expert consultants and developers provides end-to-end services, from installation and configuration to ongoing maintenance and support. This ensures that our clients achieve the best possible performance, reliability, and scalability from their Stibo Systems STEP application. Our range of Application Management services for STEP includes tailored installation and configuration, custom development of extensions and integrations, performance optimization, security, compliance measures, and ongoing support and maintenance. 

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Data governance

The workflow feature in the Stibo Systems STEP system, based on processes and business rules, helps you manage and govern your master data in a model designed to meet your unique needs. Data governance is essential for establishing and enforcing policies and procedures to manage your data assets sustainably. It also provides the necessary framework for data stewardship, data quality, and data security, enabling better decision-making and risk reduction. Good MDM combines strategy, system, process, resources, and governance.  
If you’re interested, consider exploring the business value of a Data Catalog. 

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Product mdm (PIM)

Stibo Systems’ product MDM solution allows you to manage your product data throughout the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to end-of-life. It provides a single, accurate view of your product information, enabling better decision-making, improved customer experience, and faster time-to-market. If you’re curious about a PIM accelerator like PIM for Retail or want to learn more about Product Footprint Management, we’ve helped many customers optimize their processes, centralize scattered data, enhance data quality, expedite product onboarding, improve customer experience, create data transparency, and enhance secure sharing.

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and how about…
AI integration

By integrating AI in STEP, you’ll have an assistant capable of crafting dynamic, personalized product descriptions for each of your target audiences or buyer personas in multiple languages. This fast and efficient integration ensures that your product data becomes engaging, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to expensive and dependencies to external translation providers.

We have helped several brands like Thule Group, Mekonomen and others in reducing time and cost as well as dependency to external translation agencies. This integration can revolutionise your translation processes.

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embedded power bi integration

Unlock unparalleled insights by integrating Stibo Systems STEP with Power BI. Transform your data into a strategic asset, allowing you to meticulously measure and enhance workflow efficiency, throughput, and time to market. Instead of reactive firefighting, adopt a proactive approach using Power BI’s analytics to identify growth opportunities and refine processes in alignment with organizational goals. This integration not only supports process improvements but also enhances the user experience. 

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migration to saas

While cloud-based applications offer numerous advantages, it’s crucial to consider factors such as data privacy, compliance, and ongoing operational costs when deciding between the cloud and an on-premises setup. Stibo Systems has a clear strategy for moving to the cloud (SaaS), and we can facilitate a seamless migration project. Rest assured that our expertise covers both pre- and post-migration, ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing business operations. We’ll handle all necessary testing for a smooth transition. 

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