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Customer communication

One voice in all channels

customer data platform (CDP)

In the era of data-driven marketing, understanding your customers deeply is crucial. That’s where the Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in – a powerful tool that is transforming the way businesses interact with their audience.

communicate effectively

UniCom (Unified Communication) is an excellent two-way customer communication solution for the retail sector. We handle both incoming and outgoing messages, whether manual or auto-generated. Dialogues can occur via email, SMS, push notifications, Twitter, and Facebook. UniCom provides a comprehensive solution for managing the delivery of email and text messages, allowing you to send them on specific dates to targeted groups of people.
You have the flexibility to engage with specific customers, groups, or all customers manually at any time. Our portal displays a complete overview of all messages, both historical and current. UniCom, a versatile platform delivered by Nexer as a multi-channel service on our own servers, can be seamlessly integrated with CRM and loyalty platforms like Voyado and Quadient. This integration strengthens your customer service, enhances dialogue, and ultimately boosts loyalty and sales.

Streamline your customer communication processes

You can integrate UniCom with you other systems, such as CRM and customer service platforms, adapting to your specific needs. This flexibility allows for streamlining various processes. 

Here are some examples:
  • Customer Service: UniCom enables questions and answers with full traceability and control, facilitating proactive information management.
  • Order Processes (E-commerce and Mail Order): UniCom handles confirmations, passwords, delivery information, and related tasks.
  • Customer Communication: Whether it’s mass communication or individual interactions, UniCom supports both manual and auto-generated dialogues.
  • Mobile Marketing: UniCom facilitates offers and promotions.

Omnichannel communication for citizen dialogue

UniCom is also well-suited for citizen dialogue and communication related to municipal activities. Its ability to send both manual and automatic group communications, along with centralized answer management, proves invaluable during interruptions or service outages in municipal operations

Proactive information management in the travel industry

Our solution provides you with the opportunity to consolidate your entire sales and customer communication in one place. It handles both incoming and outgoing dialogues, whether manual or auto-generated. UniCom serves as a comprehensive solution, allowing you to control the delivery of emails and text messages on specific dates to targeted groups of people. Through a portal, you gain a complete overview of all messages, including historical and current ones. You can manually engage in dialogue with specific customers, groups, or all customers at any time

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