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Projects, application management and expert services

digital product passport

sustainability module

Are you aiming to stay at the forefront of sustainability? Look no further than the DPP Sustainability modulefrom Nexer. This powerful tool allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their environmental impact and take decisive steps toward a more sustainable future. By leveraging data from their Product Information Management (PIM) system, companies can track the entire lifecycle of their products.

Agile projects

Nexer offers inriver PIM implementation projects using an agile methodology with a Scrum framework. Our agile approach fosters effective collaboration and empowers customers to prioritize development and changes in detail. Working in two-week sprints allows flexibility – customers can adjust project direction as needed.
Having successfully completed numerous projects, we know that focusing on what truly matters enhances our ability to deliver value quickly while minimizing risk.



Focusing on what is most important generates speed and enables us to make progress and generate value with minimal risk.



Successful delivery depends upon clear communication and alignment with stakeholders both pre- and post-development.



Leverage the product through capitalising on its capabilities to enable continuous development and improvement.

How to easily implement a PIM system

Implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system may seem daunting, but our experience has shown that it can be done efficiently. In our whitepaper, we share how we successfully implement PIM systems in three months or less.

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Why inriver and Pimcore?

Both inriver and Pimcore offer robust solutions tailored to modern business needs. Their user-friendly interfaces, flexible features, and seamless integrations set them apart in the PIM landscape. Our whitepaper provides valuable insights to help optimize your PIM solution.

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Application management & incident management

At Nexer, we ensure the continued success of applications through structured processes. Collaborating closely with clients, we find the right level of commitment. For some customers, we take full responsibility for application management; for others, we handle specific maintenance aspects.
As a Nexer customer, you benefit from a dedicated team with technical and domain expertise. We activate and amplify your application’s potential, enabling scalability and continual digital transformation while maintaining reliability, security, and smooth operation. 


–       Securing the long-term investment
–       Business & process development
–       Project Management Support
–       Refinement & new development
–       Release & deployment management
–       Test management
–       Cost control
–       Pre-paid or Post-paid


–       Fast response & resolution time
–       Transparent activity/issue tracking
–       Hosting & infrastructure
–       Surveillance & reporting
–       Cloud, hybrid & capacity services
–       Measured against SLA
–       Service Requests
–       Issue handling and Q&A system
–       Support SLA: office hours


Nexer boasts the most experienced consultants in Product Information Management (PIM). Our large team includes inriver PIM certified consultants, and we serve a diverse group of customers across various markets.
As one of inriver’s oldest partners, we possess deep knowledge of all aspects of the inriver PIM platform. Our specialization covers multiple areas, and we have extensive experience handling complex projects.
Among our expert services, we offer a 360-degree review of your product information management. Additionally, we provide advice on product information migration and how enhanced product information management can boost your return on investment (ROI). If you’re not ready for a major investment, consider letting us perform a proof of concept to try out our services.

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