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For manufacturing and distributing companies, an environmental footprint includes various types and categories of sustainability data. Often, this data is scattered across different systems, with numerous attributes and formats. It requires compilation, centralization, quality assurance, and syndication. 

Nexer Footprint Data Management goes beyond being a data-driven approach to managing and controlling your products’ environmental sustainability data. It is also a strategic and sustainable solution, leveraging stability, flexibility, and scalability. Built on a collaborative multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) platform, this solution empowers you to take control of your footprint data. By doing so, you’ll be prepared for future demands and can begin taking action to reduce your impact on the environment. 


There are over 200 environmental labels active in the EU and more than 450 active worldwide. We believe that sustainability will be regulated similarly to financial reporting in the near future. Many companies and nations have already established precise targets for carbon emissions in the coming years. The demand for complete declarations and traceability has led to legislation and regulations like CSRD requiring reporting and data sharing throughout a product’s entire life cycle. Examples include CBAM, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Digital Product Passports. 

Our solution can help you proactively manage your environmental footprint data, ensuring you’re prepared to share it. We support various known outputs, including declarations, reports, and integrations with systems and sources for import and syndication across multiple channels. 


The market demand for environmentally responsible companies and sustainable products is growing. By strategically working with sustainability data using master data discipline on an MDM platform, you create the transparency necessary for better analysis and decision-making across your organization.  

This increased business agility simplifies compliance with new regulations and enables accurate measurement and reporting of progress to owners, investors, and consumers—without greenwashing. Moreover, it provides a foundation and opportunity to develop circular and sustainable supply chains and products. 

Let us show you how and where to start!

you need to know your data to show your data

Sustainability is now part of business goals, and sustainability reporting is becoming a standard practice. Your organization will need consolidated, managed, and accurate sustainability data to share with other systems, suppliers, distributors, and sales channels for building environmental product declarations, more efficient reporting, and for ESG management.

Due to market demands and input from our customers, Nexer has developed a solution for Sustainability Data Management called Footprint Data Management on the world-leading MDM platform Stibo Systems STEP. We chose STEP because it is built to manage multi-domain data, has the necessary scalability, and complements our partner Stibo Systems’ solution for ESG management. STEP also has built-in functionalities for data quality management to ensure updates and changes are performed everywhere simultaneously, and we will design a data model that can match your unique scope and business model.

You also need access to accurate and relevant product footprint data to make more informed business decisions and to make green claims. You need to know your data to show your data. Better data means better business, which can ultimately create a better world.


Our strategy consultants can assist you in identifying focus areas, determining ambition levels, and defining what to measure. When you’re ready, we’ll help you quantify the necessary data, understand your data streams and workflows, and identify all relevant data sources and parties. 

We’ll begin with a “Think” phase, conducting a process analysis to truly understand the current situation. This serves as a starting point for an implementation analysis, which focuses on building the optimal data model for your organization and identifying necessary integrations. 


Oatly sought a scalable and capable platform to: 

Calculate, measure, and manage their products’ footprints. 
Utilize the same platform for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes. 
Facilitate sustainability reporting. 
Display their products’ actual carbon footprint (PCF) numbers on consumer packaging. 

Oatly not only desired a sustainable solution that could scale but also adopted an early “know your numbers to show your numbers” data management strategy. 

Listen to Oatly’s video testimonial by clicking the image to the left!

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