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    Data management


    At Nexer we understand the importance of managing data strategically to extract valuable insights that drive better business outcomes. To become data-driven and leverage data for analytics, decision-making, innovation, process optimisation, and business development, you must have complete trust in the accuracy, relevance, and sufficiency of your data.

    We offer comprehensive data management solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and support your strategic objectives whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or retailer.

    Our commitment is to empower you with the expertise and solutions needed to make more informed decisions, optimise your processes, and achieve sustainable business growth. Discover the transformative power of better data for your organisation. Contact us today to embark on the path to data-driven success.

    We specialise in Data-driven sustainability

    We have developed a solution for helping companies go from vision to continuous process development and to deliver on their sustainability goals. With a scalable, flexible datamodel on a collaborative platform with the features and capabilities of a Master Data Management solution you’ll have a sustainable solution that will help you go from compliance to leader and deliver on your sustainability goals.

    Nexer Footprint Data Management is a data-driven approach to sustainability work. By automating the processes to collect sustainability data from external sources and managing the quality of the data plus integrating with necessary channels to share these efficiently you’ll free up operative time to focus on developing more circular products and models while avoiding green washing.

    You need to know your data to show your data.


    We take pride in our team of exceptional and certified Master Data Management consultants. With their deep expertise and extensive experience in managing and optimising applications on world leading multidomain MDM platform Stibo Systems, across various industries, our consultants are the best in their respective fields.

    Whether you require a complete implementation team, additional expertise to augment your existing team, or strategic support for a specific project or initiative, we are equipped to meet your unique business requirements.

    Our agile and adaptable approach ensures that we quickly align with your needs, providing the support necessary for your data-driven journey towards sustainable growth.

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