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    Enterprise Applications offers global ability, knowledge, consulting and specialised solutions within strategy, tech, and communication.
    We deliver projects within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Field Service, Project Operations, Business Central and PowerPlatform. Our global partnership with Microsoft, ensures we can meet even the most demanding challenges.
    We operate across UK industries such as manufacturing, retail and real estate.
    We put our customers first, driving long-term results.​



    Implement365 is our implementation engine.  It enables us to deliver high-quality Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects to time and budget.  Our proven implementation framework ensures we can meet the needs of all our customers. Nexer provides a highly qualified team of people to successfully deliver projects, across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack of business applications. ​

    Our customers tell us our client-friendly and flexible approach makes us stand out from our competitors. ​


    Health365 gets your implementation back on track. If your implementation is not going as well as you hoped, we can advise and validate your current project. We can efficiently onboard new customers to supercharge your project.    

    An independent review will either give you the reassurance you are on the right track or fix your plan to ensure you get a successful outcome. ​


    Care365 provides you with post live support and maintenance services.

    This is a partnership where we build a long term holistic relationship with your business.  With you at the core, we bring your technology solutions to life, empowering decision-makers, increasing productivity and improving the service offered to your customers.

    Ensure your systems continue to evolve to meet the needs of your organisation.


    Change365 ensures successful change is driven by your people. A people-centered change management strategy supports your team in adopting and embracing change. Our flexible approach creates an environment where your team are supported and change is embraced.  

    Transforming your systems is more than just changing the technology.  


    Deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 quickly and at low cost with Rapid365. and Business Central.

    Our pre-configured and templated solutions for accounting, sales and marketing functions enable will give you a solution within just 8 weeks, for as little as £20k.



    People365 is a highly tailored and flexible service providing access to high quality Microsoft technology specialists to supplement client-side projects.

    We understand the challenge in finding trusted, reliable, and cost-effective people when demand is high. By identifying appropriately skilled candidates, we can ensure you can progress your critical projects.  

    For an informal discussion please drop us a message:
    Martin Burden
    Commercial Director, Enterprise Applications UK


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