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Unified Commerce 

unified commerce

Your proud digital partner

Unified Commerce is dedicated to helping retailers and brands overcome the challenges of managing online and offline sales channels. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline your operations and elevate your customer experience. Our approach to Unified Commerce involves connecting all your systems into a digital ecosystem, with full transparency between all channels, enabling you to manage your digital commerce business with ease.

Partnering with Nexer UC means gaining a competitive edge in the digital commerce landscape. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to help you achieve your business goals.


Nexer UC is skilled at navigating the complete ecosystem of digital commerce to assist you in achieving your business objectives and satisfying the needs of your clients wherever they may be. Your technical solutions should make it easy and inexpensive for you to accomplish your business objectives. The ability to clearly understand both short- and long-term goals as well as corporate strategy is essential for doing this. With a digital roadmap, your e-commerce will always be ready for changes in the rapidly changing landscape of digital commerce technologies.


A product information management (PIM) system consolidates all product information, including technical specifications, basic information, images, and texts required for multi-channel and multi-language work. It establishes a Single Source of Truth for accurate and consistent data and cuts manual work in half. Implementing a PIM system improves time-to-market, customer experience, and market competitiveness. It simplifies product data management and makes you more efficient.  


UniCom collects your sales and customer communications in one interface, handling both incoming and outgoing messages, manual or auto-generated. The customer dialogue can be conducted via email, SMS, push notifications, Twitter, and Facebook. The solution manages the timing and target audience of email and text messages, providing a comprehensive overview of all communications, past and present. UniCom is a generic platform that Nexer delivers as a multi-channel service on its own servers and can be combined with CRM and loyalty systems to enhance customer communication, improve service and increase loyalty and sales.


DAM centralizes digital asset management by creating a unified online hub where users can create, share, track, and manage digital files such as documents, videos, audio, designs, presentations, etc. With proper indexing and metadata, files are easily searchable using tags, categories, descriptions, and others. DAM helps companies maintain brand consistency and control the usage of their assets.


Want to stay on the cutting edge of sustainability? The best option for companies to do so is the Inriver DPPSustainability module from Nexer. Businesses are able to gain insightful information about their environmental effect and take decisive action toward a more sustainable future by utilising data from their PIM system. Explore the Sustainability module from Nexer to learn how you can start taking actions toward a more sustainable future.


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