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    Minasul: Digital Farm Concept with Dynamics

    Nexer, a technology company and one of Microsoft’s largest partners in Latin America, was chosen by MINASUL to implement this project.

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    MINASUL, the Cooperative of Coffee Growers in the Varginha region, with over sixty years of existence, has begun implementing the Digital Farm concept, which includes precision agriculture actions. The Cooperative started the year 2018 with the implementation of the Dynamics AX ERP, implemented by Nexer Enterprise Applications, one of Microsoft’s largest partners in Latin America for Enterprise Management Software.

    The implementation began at the Cooperative’s facilities in Varginha, Minas Gerais, and will later be expanded to the cooperatives’ farms. The first initiative was the implementation of a world-leading ERP that will support all the other tools of the Digital Farm, the Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The use of such a large-scale ERP goes beyond improving the service process for MINASUL’s cooperatives. It will modernize and improve the financial, accounting, tax, organizational, and technological dimensions of the company. In practice, the program will serve as an intelligence and command center for the Cooperative, gathering all data and information from the production sector, accounting department invoices, sales statistics, financial statements, business plans, and customer service data. All data is concentrated in a single system and in real-time. The information will be protected with encryption, authentication processes, and automatic backups.

    This new concept encompasses the way of producing and commercializing and is rapidly becoming part of the coffee culture, emphasizing constant efficiency and waste elimination. The Digital Farm is the most modern form of agribusiness and rural life, incorporating Telemetry, Traceability, Image Processing, and Remote Sensing.

    Luis Henrique Albinati, the Director of New Business at MINASUL, highlights that the project, which began in August 2017, completed its first phase with the integration of the Cooperative’s main registries. Now, work intensifies for the delivery of the second phase, which will take place in January 2018 and will cover the administrative areas. In addition to these modules, the Cooperative’s retail and coffee management areas will also be integrated into Dynamics AX in 2018, thus completing all stages of a project that prioritizes innovation without neglecting the criteria of security and reliability, fundamental for systems of this magnitude.

    Nexer, a technology company and one of Microsoft’s largest partners in Latin America, was chosen by MINASUL to implement this project, being responsible for customizing Dynamics AX to meet the present and future needs of the Cooperative.

    “The Nexer team is fully committed to the success of this important project at MINASUL, which will bring efficiency, control, security, and expand the Cooperative’s growth capacity,” 

    says Alexandre Marques, Director of the Agricultural Business Unit at Nexer.

    “The departments will start using the most modern software management systems available. A secure, robust, and integrated system already adopted by more than 20,000 companies worldwide,” 

    celebrates Albinati.