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    Nexer Enterprise Applications offers technology solutions so that your sellers have the necessary real-time information about customers, to provide a personalized service, optimizing omnichannel retail trade.

    Today’s consumers want a more complete, personalized, and interactive shopping experience

    The point of sale is no longer the same. Customers arrive at the store or commercial establishment with more assertive information, knowing what they want and seeking a differentiated and personalized shopping experience.

    The seller becomes a consultant in the buying and selling process. Your retail company should equip your seller with relevant and assertive information about the customer, based on a history of purchases and interests. Therefore, Nexer EA’s focus is to develop technology solutions that help consumer and retail companies in the process: retailer vs. seller vs. consumer.

    The result: Retailers can engage their customers and exceed their expectations while creating brand loyalty and planning long-term growth.

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    ERP for Retail

    Currently, with the multitude of channels available for customers to make purchases, it is crucial for your retail company to have a technology solution that provides personalized and relevant information to meet consumer expectations in the purchasing decision process.

    Nexer EA has developed an ERP tailored for the retail segment, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, with the objective of offering technology and tools that will assist retailers and companies in the segment to achieve a comprehensive solution for various sales channels, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more.

    The result: Retailers can engage their customers, exceed their expectations, foster brand loyalty, and plan for long-term growth.

    The Nexer Dynamic ERP solution for the retail segment empowers your company to deliver incredible and distinctive experiences to each customer, effectively manage the transition of products from the purchasing sector to sales without encountering issues, and optimize merchandising efforts.

    Dynamics 365 for Operations will also help your company to:

    Adapt technology to your own ways of conducting business

    Instead of modifying business processes around a technology, you can adjust the Nexer Dynamics 365 ERP solution according to your way of managing your business. This puts the retailer in control of the technology.

    Make the shopping experience more attractive to the customer

    The focus of your company should be to achieve personalized customer engagement. This means that you can use the Nexer Dynamics 365 ERP solution to offer personalized service and promotions that speak directly to customers as individuals. Give your employees maximized productivity and the ability to fully manage orders at the points of sale.

    Optimize omni-channel retailing

    Omni-channel is a transparent and interactive approach to the customer experience that allows the customer to simultaneously use all available shopping channels in retail. The omni-channel retail functionality available in the Nexer Dynamics 365 ERP solution represents purchase patterns, social media relationships, website traffic, customers, data collection techniques, and even loyalty program customers. The result will be to make your business’s marketing campaigns more focused, efficient, optimized, and increasingly personalized.

    More benefits for

    managing your Retail and Franchise Network company

    Centralized Inventory and Distribution Management

    Demand planning control, considering minimum and maximum stock margins, consumption history, and seasonal planning.

    Project Control and Store Construction

    Integrated management of store construction projects with cost control, labor, purchasing, and schedules.

    Administrative and Financial Management

    Accounts payable, receivable, purchasing, controlling, banking, accounting, and tax.

    Social Media Interaction

    Monitoring consumer behavior and mapping posts on social media. Evaluation of brand sentiment and interaction with users.

    Expansion Plans

    Investor acquisition model with Franchisee process checklist control, COF, FPQ, documentation, and approvals.

    Customer Service

    Customer service model, with escalation control, SLA, customer feedback, and communication follow-up.

    Information Unification

    Integrated database and communication between stores and brands.


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