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    Industry 4.0

    A Nexer EA disponibiliza soluções de tecnologia para a gestão de Indústrias e Manufaturas, com funcionalidades exclusivas e essenciais para o segmento.

    Our solutions cover supplies, purchases, factory floor, production, project management, quality control, access to reports and much more.

    Use technology to increase your production and your company’s competitiveness

    Industries and manufacturing companies need to increase their competitiveness in order to achieve higher volumes of mass production and stand out among their competitors. To achieve results, companies in the industry and manufacturing sector work based on well-managed processes that go from the production line in the factory to the management in the boardrooms and executive offices.

    These processes are nothing more than sets of activities that, when correctly sequenced or automated, generate more productivity and competitiveness, producing a positive result.

    Integrating industry processes with technology facilitates standardization and control.

    With the aim of supporting the production chain in Industry, Nexer EA has developed a technology solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which supports the management of Industries and Manufacturing, reducing costs, simplifying processes, increasing automation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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    Information Processing

    The computerization of processes through an ERP for industries optimizes the processing of company information, distributing it much more quickly and efficiently. Data analysis is also favored, as all strategic information is concentrated in one place, which enables the crossing of this data to extract increasingly precise insights for decision-making.

    Cost Reduction

    One of the biggest advantages of ERP for industries is the integration of departments. With this more integrated communication, departments feed the system with their information and distribute the necessary data to other departments in real-time, keeping the industry in full operation and with standardized information.

    In addition, top management gains access to all kinds of information circulating in the company, enabling more reliable management and decision-making based on realistic information. This broader vision allows for directing efforts, planning new investments, optimizing costs, and making decisions with agility, taking advantage of opportunities that arise.

    Performance Monitoring

    Nexer EA’s ERP, developed based on Microsoft Dynamics for Industries and Manufacturing, has modules for monitoring performance indicators, which serve so that managers know exactly how the company’s performance is. Productivity, sales, marketing, financial, and people management indicators are the most used to monitor the evolution of the business and make assertive decisions when promoting management changes.


    Managing orders and all stages, from entry to exit, with the sale of products in a Distributor requires a lot of work and attention. In order to support auto parts distributors, Nexer EA offers technology solutions using the Microsoft platform that facilitate the daily routine of companies that distribute auto parts. With innovative systems, you can streamline the marketing process and still increase your potential for service. With technology, we can offer a quality experience for your customers.

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