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    Agile Electronic Billing

    Enhance your company’s financial sector with practicality, organization, and cost reduction

    The CEA platform by Nexer Brazil offers agility and security in Accounts Receivable processes. It features a user-friendly interface and enables seamless integration with leading market solutions in ERP, CRM, E-commerce, and Banks.

    Agile Electronic Billing

    Organizing areas such as Accounts Receivable, which represent a significant part of your business, can be a challenge for any company. The CEA solution is precisely structured to address this difficulty, focusing on empowering the Accounts Receivable department with fast and intuitive access.

    In addition to providing essential information for the department’s health, such as reports, estimated values, projected values, and volumes, the solution aligns with the client’s need for control and organization. It is a highly adaptable solution designed to offer the best possible service.

    Why do you need the Agile Electronic Billing Solution?

    CEA streamlines important and high-impact tasks for your business, automating operational processes and enhancing the team’s experience. It centralizes various processes and information on a single platform, accessible from any device.

    Organizing accounts receivable efficiently can be challenging for many companies.

    Boost your company’s financial sector with CEA’s practicality, organization, and cost reduction!


    Issuance, registration, and management of invoices, with a simple and intuitive web interface.


    Sensitive information displayed on a single secure platform that prevents data leakage.

    Agility in Management

    Management of paid and unpaid documents, so you know the status of each transaction.

    Process Automation

    Process automation, such as sending invoice emails, payment reminders, and collection notices.


    Experience centralized information, agility, and speed in communication, providing a 360º view of your customers.


    Equipped with customizable functions to meet the specific needs of customers and businesses.

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