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    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides the entire Microsoft infrastructure and a set of integrated services capable of reducing costs and providing the flexibility and scalability that businesses need. Also known as the Microsoft data center, it provides solutions in analytics, computing, database, mobile services, networking, storage, web, and the Internet of Things.


    Full support

    The solution offers 24/7 technical support.

    Hybrid cloud

    The client doesn’t have to choose between the cloud and their IT environment, as Azure integrates with their internal server.


    Supports a wide selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases, and devices.


    Azure offers a set of integrated tools, pre-structured templates, and management services to create enterprise, mobile, web, and IoT applications.

    Analysis tools

    By offering business intelligence tools such as Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics, and Stream Analytics, the service enables analysis that improves customer service and identifies new business opportunities.

    Quality standard

    The platform runs on Microsoft-managed data centers in 19 regions worldwide, including mainland China. Clients with operations in multiple countries can count on a solid infrastructure and the same quality and service format.

    Backup and data recovery

    The solution backs up your data in three separate locations, preventing you from losing them even in the event of a natural disaster. If one is lost, Azure makes another copy in another location to maintain the three backup policy.


    Microsoft Azure is compliant with global data security standards. It also prioritizes customer privacy by offering user access management and other protection tools. The customer also owns and controls the collection, use, and distribution of their information.


    The purchase and maintenance of a modern server require a high initial investment and constant expenses for its upkeep. With the pay-as-you-go model, in Microsoft Azure, your company will only pay for the minutes used. In addition, software updates, database, and operating systems offered by the platform do not generate additional costs for your company. All of this makes Azure more cost-effective in the short, medium, and long term.

    Elasticity and control

    The solution allows you to pay on a monthly basis for the minutes of usage, specifically for the products that have been contracted and used. You also have the flexibility to easily increase or decrease the scale of usage according to your demand. Furthermore, you can conveniently enable or disable features and expand or reduce the utilization of available resources with just a few clicks. Finally, if your company requires additional resources during specific times of the day, month, or year, you have the option to schedule or activate them manually.


    Enables access to applications as if they were running locally, making it easier to expand and update them.

    Mobile Applications

    Allows you to create and host the back-end of applications for Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac.

    Web Applications

    You can create and deploy applications in various programming languages for your company or for third parties.

    SQL Database

    It is a flexible database that accommodates large-scale growth and different business models.

    Virtual Machines

    Allows you to deploy a variety of computing solutions, regardless of language, workload, and operating system. And the biggest advantage is that you only pay per minute of use.

    Machine Learning

    Offers cloud-based predictive analysis. You can configure and share experiments to perform advanced analysis related to your company’s data. Its biggest advantage is that the intelligent system can automatically notify you of problems or bring data that leads to insights, without the need to access it manually.

    Reasons to migrate
    for the Azure platform

    1. You need to store data, invest in infrastructure, or have already spent too much on local server maintenance

    Azure can fulfill these requirements through its extensive gallery of virtual machine images, featuring pre-configured operating systems that are ready for immediate use. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to create databases using SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle, customizing the machine’s capacity based on their specific needs, with support for up to 64 processors per database. By leveraging Azure, clients can ensure their infrastructure remains up-to-date while only paying for the contracted services and the actual duration of usage. This approach leads to significant cost savings by eliminating the need for maintenance and new investments in local servers.


    With Nexer Enterprise Applications’ support, your company can avoid the need to hire professionals with market experience, leading to cost reduction without compromising the necessary quality for maintaining and operating your infrastructure. Our support and management services provide access to a team of Microsoft-certified experts and consultants.

    3. Sua empresa possui websites e aplicativos hospedados em servidores e precisa escalar os serviços sem aumentar os seus gastos significativamente

    Is the company’s website not supporting traffic during peak periods? To solve this problem without having to constantly increase your service package, as occurs with other providers, the platform allows you to program scaling without generating excessive and constant expenses. With this option, in just a few minutes, the company will have an infrastructure to work on its website or the environment to develop and provide an application. And, as mentioned earlier, they will only pay for the time and resources contracted and used.

    4. Security for your company’s data is one of your needs

    Microsoft Azure offers protection for your data through automated backups, which are updated whenever changes are made to files, without necessarily suppressing the previous version. This allows for the recovery of multiple versions.

    5. Your company has a specific need and requires a suitable and adherent solution?

    Azure can definitely assist you! The platform provides a wide range of cloud solutions tailored to companies with diverse profiles and requirements. Take a look at the popular options listed below or reach out to us using the form to explore the full potential of Azure for your company!

    Why choose Nexer EA for your Azure solution?

    In addition to delivering high-quality solutions, our primary focus is to enhance the competitiveness of your business.

    Nexer Enterprise Applications boasts a specialized team entirely dedicated to Microsoft cloud solutions.

    We offer customized consultancy, management, implementation, and IT support models to cater to the diverse profiles, needs, and budgets of companies.

    Our services extend to the United States, Europe, and numerous Latin American countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, and more.

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