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    Implementation of Microsoft’s enterprise management solution ensured compliance and proper control according to industry regulations, as well as enabling remote work for part of the team.

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    Since 1984, Biomedical has been promoting the dissemination of advanced technologies in the healthcare sector in Brazil. Engaged in the importation of cutting-edge equipment and training professionals for its utilization, the company has participated in significant transformations in Brazilian medicine, such as the introduction of minimally invasive surgical techniques in the country in the 1990s.

    In 2018, the company expanded its operations to include the production of medical and hospital materials through the acquisition of the MSB factory, based in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia. The industry is responsible for manufacturing high-quality products in the areas of Endourology and Endovascular.

    After the acquisition, Biomedical’s CEO, Luiz Felipe Machado, identified the need to implement a new enterprise management software that would allow for strict production control. The process used until then relied on paper reports and many manual controls, which hindered agility and made it difficult to trace each production stage.

    “Our industry is highly regulated. Any tool used needs to be described in the production order and must have a clear maintenance and calibration plan,” describes the CEO. “It is a complex process that must be well traced. Any problems in a batch need to be quickly and accurately identified.”

    Biomedical gains agility and security in medical materials production with Dynamics 365

    The importance of reducing paper-based processes is even greater when considering the specificities of the MSB workplace. The materials are manufactured in a cleanroom, a highly controlled environment for removing airborne particles through an advanced air conditioning system. Entry into this space requires changing protective clothing (masks, gloves, suits), which takes about 20 minutes. Physical reports required professionals to repeat this procedure several times a day to receive new production orders and seek clarification from superiors.

    After extensive research, the MSB team concluded that the only tool in the market capable of meeting these demands was Dynamics 365. Thus, with the support of Nexer EA, a Microsoft partner, they implemented the Finance and Operations module of the solution.

    The first impact of Dynamics 365 at MSB was enabling a fully digital process. Production technicians enter the cleanroom with tablets, through which they have direct access to the system and can enter information and review production orders. If any questions arise, they contact the manager through the device itself.

    Furthermore, Dynamics 365 ensures production traceability. Any contingencies can be identified through a quick search. “The system has brought us great security, assisting our Quality department in having visibility into each step of the process, the machines used, the personnel involved in the operation, and the production time,” says Luiz Felipe. “The factory has completely changed with this implementation and is now prepared to evolve with the digital transformation process.”

    The implementation also enabled remote work for some MSB professionals, which is essential during times of social isolation. “Our production manager had to go to Portugal and is now unable to return due to the lack of available flights. He has been working from there as if he were in the factory, without any inconvenience,” says the company’s CEO.

    With these improvements, Microsoft’s solution has contributed to the expansion of the factory, which grew by 40% in 2019 and plans for an even greater increase this year.

    “Dynamics 365 has raised our company to a new level.”

    “Dynamics 365 has brought us great security, assisting our Quality department in having visibility into each step of the process, the machines used, the personnel involved in the operation, and the production time. The factory has completely changed with this implementation.”

    Luiz Felipe Machado, CEO of Biomedical