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    In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer demands, manufacturers must navigate a complex landscape to stay competitive.

    Challenges with production, supply chain delays, the increasing cost of raw materials, profitability, and enabling growth are encouraging manufacturers to embrace digitisation and technology to find more efficient ways of working. 

    Transforming Manufacturing

    The research presented in our Future of Manufacturing analysis has identified these significant challenges. 
    Sustainability: With 79% of consumers changing their buying preferences based on social responsibility, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. The shift to a circular economy requires the rethinking of how products are created and the end-to-end traceability of materials.  

    Digital Transformation: Embracing advanced digital technologies while integrating these technologies into existing processes presents a formidable challenge.  The shift towards data driven businesses gives manufacturers the opportunity to act faster to changes to their operating environment and make better decisions.  Companies need to consider how they provide ease of digital access to their consumers, while protecting their environment with cyber security.  By embracing automated processes, manufacturers can decrease their operating costs and improve the consistency of their product. 

    Business Model changes: Manufacturers are working directly with more end customers.  This change from B2B to B2C, presents the opportunity to build stronger personal and brand relationships and a greater loyalty.  The ability to manage assets remotely and pre-empt needs such as repairs, can give manufacturers a competitive edge in servitisation (the shift from a product to a service).

    Supply Chain Resilience: Manufacturers are operating in an interconnected global marketplace, where disruptions in the supply chain can have far-reaching consequences. How can manufacturers build resilient supply chains capable of withstanding sudden changes? Achieving this resilience requires re-evaluating sourcing strategies, enhancing visibility, and adopting agile inventory management practices to reduce business risk. 

    Workforce Transformation: The rise of automation and artificial intelligence is transforming the manufacturing workforce. While these technologies can enhance productivity and efficiency, they also require reskilling and upskilling the workforce to handle different tasks.  Traditional organisations where employees are all located in the same building and work the same hours is (for the most part) a thing of the past. How can manufacturers ensure a smooth transition for their employees? 

    How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help?

    To address and mitigate their challenges, manufacturing firms need fully integrated business and technology solutions that can provide real-time access to their valuable business data. This will help them to gain insights into how well they:

    • Perform
    • Proactively manage operational issues
    • Remain fully compliant
    • Understand how to use their data as business intelligence
    • Connect their shop floor systems to their office management system
    • Enable the use of the latest mobile and new technologies within their business operations
    • Streamline and optimise their supply chain.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a Cloud-based solution that gives you a unified view of your entire organisation along with real time data and insights about your operations and finances.

    The solution has capabilities to help you manage your workforce, manage your customer relationships, proactively track your suppliers, improve your supply chain, monitor inventory, and make your production processes more efficient.

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    Nexer can offer over 30 years of heritage and knowledge. With over 2,500 experts globally, and having delivered projects to over 39 countries to 100s of organisations, we have the expertise to complete successful digital transformations.
    We are specialists across the Microsoft technology stack – including Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerPlatform, Large Data, BI, Cloud, IoT, AI, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, Digital UX & Cyber Security. Our family-owned, friendly and customer-first culture, ensures we build long-term relationships with our customers.