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Starting in 2018, Zurich began using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, initiating a series of new systems within the platform that had a positive impact on the company…

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Starting in 2018, Zurich began using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, initiating a series of new systems within the platform that had a positive impact on the company. The first one was Z-Chamado, which allows different individuals to create tickets; the second one was the development of the commercial CRM; the next step was the development of Workflow Underwriter, followed by other operations.

Founded in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich has established itself as one of the world’s most experienced global insurers. With approximately 55,000 employees worldwide, the company offers a wide range of products and services. In Brazil, the organization has been present since 1984, serving multinational clients operating in the country. Over the years, Zurich has specialized in delivering services beyond insurance, offering a seamless experience and comprehensive protection through customized products, streamlined processes, and highly skilled and responsive customer service to meet the demands of its clients.


Recognizing that the world is constantly changing and that we face challenges that demand action, Zurich implemented Dynamics 365 in 2018, putting its first system into production: Z-Chamado, which allows policyholders, brokers, and even internal Zurich employees to create tickets for internal company departments. Z-Chamado integrates with the Zurich Portal, allowing external users such as policyholders, brokers, and vendors to open tickets directly through the portal. It also integrates with departmental email boxes, automatically generating tickets for specific areas when an email is received. 

Within the Call Center, Z-Chamado functions as a second-level ticketing system, meaning that when the operator is unable to resolve the request on their own, the ticket is directed to the internal areas of the company. Today, the entire company uses this service, with nearly 1,500 employees spread across Brazil, resulting in significant productivity gains in operations.


Next, the focus shifted to the entire operation related to the CRM for Zurich Seguros’ commercial area, from analysts in branches throughout Brazil to the commercial management team. 

With the Commercial CRM, Zurich was able to create a hierarchical commercial structure systematically, with separation of access profiles, management of business units, team and broker production queries, pipeline management and goal attainment, appointment scheduling, visit reports to brokers (integrated with Outlook’s calendar), business plan, and various Power BI dashboards integrated with the Dynamics database. The system is also used via mobile app by the commercial managers, enabling them to address many issues related to field visits on the go.


The next step was the development of Workflow Underwriter, a system that allows the entry of quotation requests for business lines involving large brokers and deals, as well as controlling the flow from the request entry to policy issuance. A key feature is the native integration with Outlook, using the “Dynamics for Outlook App” component to automatically convert broker quotation request emails into Dynamics requests. 

Recently, full integration was achieved between Workflow UW and Commercial CRM, meaning that at each stage of the quotation request within Workflow, the Commercial CRM’s pipeline is automatically updated, and vice versa. In August 2021, Workflow was also integrated with Zurich’s global Underwriter system, named “Z-Horizon,” within Dynamics 365, ensuring that all quotation requests are updated in this platform.


As the most recent and innovative delivery, Z-Atende was created as the Call Center’s front-end, encompassing Omnichannel support: Zurich Portal chat and WhatsApp, as well as voice support. For voice support, integration is done with the IVR (Avaya CTI), and for chat/WhatsApp, integration is done with the Zurich Portal’s chatbot and official WhatsApp channel. This allows all channels to operate within a single Omnichannel interface. 

The system is also integrated with Z-Chamado, meaning that if first-level support doesn’t resolve the request, it automatically generates a ticket for second-level support (Z-Chamado) directly from the Z-Atende interface. The system includes native dashboards for monitoring support activities, as well as custom Power BI dashboards for the company’s Call Center scenario. 

Additionally, the native features are interconnected (e.g., sentiment analysis of customer interactions using AI, agent transfers, conversation monitoring by supervisors, etc.). Omnichannel support has also been expanded to include claims operations, specifically for extended warranty support provided through selected partner stores.

“Dynamics 365 has allowed for better management of insurance production from the commercial management team, providing centralized visibility of branch operations that were previously distributed among various systems.”

Idevar Gonçalves de Souza Junior: Systems Manager at Zurich

“The evolutionary CRM foundation, combined with native integrations, were key factors for the successful implementations using Dynamics 365, generating significant value for Zurich’s technology and business areas.”

Idevar Gonçalves de Souza Junior: Systems Manager at Zurich

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