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Nexer EA is actively engaged in this market, developing new technology solutions for the Agribusiness segment

Being a global leader in agriculture and livestock, Brazil has consistently invested in field and agribusiness technologies, continuously surpassing production and efficiency records year after year.


Over the past two decades, agriculture has transformed from being merely a source of commodities to becoming an attractive, complex, and sophisticated industry with integrated activities in both national and global markets.

Technology now plays a pivotal role in all aspects of agribusiness, enabling more precise and efficient decision-making through monitoring and data analysis. From planting to harvesting and post-harvesting phases, technology is essential for effective management.

In this dynamic environment of rapid changes and advancements in the industry, Nexer EA consistently updates itself to offer technological solutions that cater to the entire agribusiness chain. Our solutions cover production, storage, industrialization, distribution, commercialization, automation, and business intelligence.

Technology Solutions for Agribusiness

Several agribusiness companies, including agricultural cooperatives, independent producers, agro-industries, trading companies, input providers, and implement resellers, can achieve excellent results with Nexer’s five integrated technology solutions, specifically designed for the industry.


Integration and Traceability Platform

The integration and traceability platform connects trillions of data points across farms, transporters, silos, warehouses, and the market using the most advanced integration and data tools of Microsoft Azure. This enables agricultural products to reach increasingly demanding consumers more efficiently.

The platform empowers the entire agribusiness chain to enhance their predictions, planning, and control, thereby reducing losses and increasing efficiency.

Utilizing insights derived from artificial intelligence algorithms, each link in the agribusiness chain can improve service quality while minimizing costs

Operation Management and Control

Ensuring secure and accurate information is the primary objective for companies, particularly in sectors experiencing rapid growth.

The expansion of the Agribusiness industry has presented significant operational challenges for companies, ranging from order fulfillment, cooperative action compliance, credit granting, inventory control, logistics, to meeting tax and accounting obligations.

Compliance and security requirements for information and processes have never been more critical for Agribusiness companies.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP designed for the Agribusiness market, your company can achieve more efficient business management by combining the best practices with a flexible and dynamic architecture, which is essential for companies that continuously grow and innovate with each harvest.

Intelligence and Decision Making

Simply having extensive analytical reports with thousands of data points is no longer sufficient to ensure optimal decision making in the Agribusiness industry.

Agribusiness companies require an intelligent and proactive platform that goes beyond mere indicator panels, providing alerts and actionable insights to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Nexer EA has developed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using Microsoft’s PowerBI and Azure platform solutions, offering a comprehensive library of panels and indicators tailored for Agribusiness companies.

This platform leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms that integrate internal and external data sources, including ERP systems, stock exchanges, tradings, and market data. Making informed decisions with agility and surpassing productivity goals and records is essential for every Agribusiness company.

Relationship and 360º Vision

The decision to plant made by thousands of farmers initiates a cycle of countless other decisions and controls. Maintaining a connected and close relationship with farmers is crucial in supporting their business decisions at each stage.

By utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, companies can have a field solution that enables agricultural technicians, veterinarians, and sales teams to monitor and influence their clients’ decisions, whether they are cooperatives or individual producers.

In addition to Dynamics 365, employing a Big Data tool provides insights into the history of each producer, including their purchasing behavior, planting patterns, and technical profile. This knowledge allows for the creation of targeted marketing campaigns that leverage environmental and economic variables.

As a result, cooperatives and input companies can strategically plan their territorial coverage, effectively allocate finite resources such as field technical teams and logistics, and expand their client portfolio to new regions and markets.

Sales and Commercialization

In addition to traditional retail and direct sales (B2B), Agribusiness has also embraced e-commerce and other digital marketing channels. Now, farmers no longer need to travel from their farms to physical stores to purchase seeds, fertilizers, tractors, or vaccines.

Nexer EA provides an integrated commercial solution that streamlines the entire sales process. For cooperative producers, integration with their cooperatives’ ERP system expedites the credit process for virtual store purchases through an integration that applies order discounts directly from each producer’s “current account.”

Producers can also choose to make their purchases using commodity currencies, such as coffee, corn, or milk, thereby simplifying the sales process.

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