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Professional Services


Increase the profitability of your business, offer differentiated customer service, and effectively manage the financial, human, and intellectual capital aspects of your organization.

Maximize the productivity of your company with technological support from Nexer EA

Many professionals are currently embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship, starting their own businesses. However, often these entrepreneurs are unprepared to face the challenges that companies encounter, such as managing product/service delivery times, controlling production costs, organizing and managing the company, overseeing employees, and maintaining effective communication with both internal teams and customers.

To minimize costs and maximize efficiency, which are crucial during the early stages of any business, it is important for entrepreneurs to seek out technology solutions that support their growth process and offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

With this market of entrepreneurs in mind, who provide professional services and products tailored to customer demand, Nexer has developed a customized solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

This solution aims to assist in project and business management, enhance employee productivity, improve the capacity for delivering products and services, control costs, and optimize communication with customers.

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Integrate management systems

Integrate data from different systems and optimize projects and business processes. Increase employee efficiency and productivity, improve financial processes, and leverage integration with other Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics ERP, Word, and Excel.

Control your processes

Ensure that work teams adhere to corporate policies and that your processes comply with industry best practices, customer quality standards, and government regulations.

Better manage your team’s time and effort

Achieve your company’s goals by offering an integrated and collaborative technological work environment. Centralize your team’s access and communication through a user-friendly, web-based interface. Managers and team members can track changes to projects, documents, and tasks using a personalized dashboard, email alerts, and comprehensive reporting.

Easy access to critical business data

Collect and analyze customer and project information to gain valuable business insights and run your business more effectively. Track real-time details about your customers, contracts, and projects, optimizing costs and resources.

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Flexible project management features

○ Configure WBA (work breakdown structures) at the company, customer, product, and project levels;

○ Define matrix tables for costs and fees and establish billing rules.

Document and intellectual capital management

○ Provide team members with access to intellectual capital and consolidated project information through Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Cost and project analysis

○ Critical insight lets you manage projects and resources more effectively.


○ Use rules to integrate multiple departments, offices and companies into a single database.

○ Operate seamlessly across countries, languages, and currencies, and track financial transactions across your enterprise.

Customer profile folders and templates

○ Client and project folders allow you to archive and retrieve plans, estimates, and budget reconciliation.

Two-way integration with Microsoft Office Project Server

○ Full two-way integration with Microsoft Office Project Server can improve ease of use and collaboration across teams.

○ Powerful scheduling and tracking tools help you manage resource allocation.

Web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entry

○ Automate approval processes for documents and line items and streamline work processes.

○ Use alerts to monitor excessive subcontractor hours and compare estimated versus actual costs.


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