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Automotive and Distribution

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a transformative phase worldwide. The increasing demand for autonomous, shared, and electric cars signifies a significant shift in the segment. This transformation impacts the entire supply chain, necessitating the adoption of advanced technologies to stay competitive in the market.

At Nexer EA, we are dedicated to delivering technology solutions tailored to the automotive sector, aiming to create a distinctive customer experience throughout the entire purchase, service, and relationship journey, ultimately leading to successful sales.

We understand the primary challenges faced by the automotive industry, which is why we develop customized solutions based on the specific activities of your company within the segment.

Automotive Industry

Digital transformation poses both a significant challenge and a crucial necessity for companies in the automotive industry striving to stay ahead of the competition. Achieving seamless integration across all areas of the company, from raw material procurement to vehicle invoice generation, and monitoring the entire industrial process are essential steps toward optimizing the customer experience, be it for dealerships or end customers.

To support car manufacturers, Nexer has developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowering your industry with complete control over the production process in a clear and integrated manner.

Our mission is to drive industry transformation through technology, people, and processes!

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Tracking a lead from the initial interaction to the configuration and purchase of a car, understanding the vehicle’s origin, gaining a comprehensive 360º view of customers, including their preferences, styles, and shopping trends, and ensuring follow-up after the sale are common challenges faced by dealerships.

With this in mind, Nexer EA has developed “the experience” on the Microsoft Dynamics platform—an innovative solution for your dealership to deliver exceptional buying experiences to your customers. This solution enables end-to-end monitoring, from the initial interaction with potential customers to post-sales support.

By leveraging technology, it enhances the productivity and effectiveness of your sales teams even further.

Let’s transform the purchasing and service experience for your customers by utilizing technology to create a seamless journey from the first interaction.

Gain a 360º view of your customers and drive sales growth in your dealerships!


Managing orders and overseeing every stage, from entry to exit, in the product distribution process of an auto parts distributor requires significant effort and attention.

To support auto parts distributors, Nexer EA provides technology solutions utilizing the Microsoft platform, designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of these companies. Our innovative systems enable you to accelerate the sales process and enhance your service capabilities.

By leveraging technology, we can deliver a high-quality experience for your customers.

Your distributor’s growth relies on innovation and technology, and Nexer can provide the necessary support throughout this journey.


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