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Law firm Rocha & Barcellos adopts Microsoft cloud

The law firm utilizes Office 365 to its full extent, ensuring the security of confidential client documents without compromising agility.

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Rocha e Barcellos Advogados
+ nexer EA

Rocha e Barcellos Advogados doesn’t refer to itself as an “office,” but rather as a law firm. With 35 years of experience, it currently has 80 employees across its branches in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Despite its growth, the firm has never lost its core values: everyone who works there remains committed to solving clients’ problems without using complicated language or legal jargon that may be difficult for non-lawyers to understand.

Catering to multinational and large national companies, Rocha e Barcellos deals with confidential documents on a daily basis and requires secure document management. To ensure efficient work, the firm relied on a powerful on-premises server infrastructure running Exchange and Office tools. “Each of our servers cost as much as a car,” comments Maurício Reis, Partner and Director of Technology at Rocha e Barcellos Advogados. “It was an investment we were unwilling to forgo. While it provided good availability, it came at a high cost, requiring a local team to manage these servers.”


“Rocha e Barcellos approached us some time ago to be their trusted advisor on a cloud migration journey,” says Fábio Sá, Partner and Director of Professional Services at Nexer EA. “They aimed to reduce their local infrastructure while replicating it in the cloud, maintaining the same level of security they believed they had before.” As a Microsoft partner, Nexer EA migrated the infrastructure entirely to Azure, which meets all the information security protocols required by the market. The solution met Rocha e Barcellos’ needs, as Maurício explains: “To maintain an on-premises encryption and data security structure in our office, the investment would have to be much higher in the coming years than what we spent migrating to the cloud.”

By fully adopting Office 365, Rocha e Barcellos also started using OneDrive and SharePoint to securely share various documents among colleagues and clients, leveraging the security provided by Azure. Maurício emphasizes the importance of secure information sharing, citing the results of a recent study he read: “There are hacker groups that profit greatly from obtaining privileged information from companies. They identify the partner law firms of these companies and attempt to breach their servers because all the documents would inevitably be there as well. Several clients now require their lawyers to protect their data with encryption at rest and in transit. We have achieved this assurance with Microsoft, which gives us a great deal of credibility with our clients.”


Office 365 not only transformed the way Rocha e Barcellos stores and shares files with OneDrive and SharePoint but also streamlined various other areas of the law firm. In addition to using Yammer for efficient internal communication, Rocha e Barcellos utilizes Power BI to transform its data into valuable information for clients, providing dynamic reports that showcase the outcomes of their legal departments. “The legal department within companies, in a more traditional interpretation, is seen as a cost center,” explains Maurício. “With Power BI, combined with our database, we demonstrate the cost savings achieved through effective legal management. Power BI is an indispensable tool in assisting us with this task.”

Another Office 365 tool that has changed Rocha e Barcellos’ operations is Skype for Business. After receiving training on the communication solution provided by Nexer EA, the team quickly learned how to make the most of it by conducting conferences, sharing screens, and making documents available, among other features. “Rocha e Barcellos serves multinational clients,” recalls Fábio. “Skype for Business has given them the opportunity to hold conferences as if they were in face-to-face meetings, delivering quality voice and communication… Everything that the tool can offer to enable global reach in any meeting.”

For Maurício, migrating their activities to the cloud through the adoption of Office 365 and Azure allows his team to focus on their expertise without wasting time on unrelated matters.

“Not investing in large-scale servers means we don’t have to dedicate our team’s time to activities outside the realm of law. We can be much more productive in what we do best, leaving specialists to take care of what they understand much better than us.”

Maurício Reis, Partner and Director of Technology

“Several clients now require their lawyers to protect their data with encryption at rest and in transit. We have achieved this assurance with Microsoft, which gives us a great deal of credibility with our clients.”

Maurício adds.

Saionara Buss Wendler, the project manager at Cooabriel, is coordinating the project for the cooperative and stated:

“A highly integrated team was necessary, and all key users dedicated themselves and worked intensively in preparing and configuring the new work environment during the last seven months of the first phase implementation. Key users were trained to internally disseminate the process to end users. This required meticulous work from the team, with detailed evaluations and testing cycles to ensure the process functions properly and the data is efficient.”

Caroline Paulino, responsible for Marketing and Communications at Bosque School.

Nadya Bronelle, a collaborator, is one of the key users in the implementation process. She works on member registration. The new system brings very positive changes. In an interview, she emphasized:

“The new system brings a very dynamic way of working and it has enabled significant learning. For example, it changes the way we handle file entries, which are now all done online. Dynamics allows us to dream big without limitations, while maintaining a high level of security.”

The project consists of a major integration effort across departments for the migration to the new ERP. Bruno Luiz Miranda, Corporate Manager of Technology and Innovation at Cooabriel, explains that it is a management system that enables the automatic and error-free integration of all processes with great security and transparency.

“The first phase involved customer, supplier, and member registration. The integration happens in real-time. It’s another successful product within Microsoft’s case studies.”

Bruno Luiz Miranda, Corporate Manager of Technology and Innovation at Cooabriel

Cooabriel is the only cooperative in Brazil that fully utilizes Microsoft’s cloud technology and is among the 105 Brazilian companies recognized as a success story.

The cooperative’s technological renewal process, using Microsoft’s cloud technology, began about a year ago with the migration of its entire infrastructure, data, and systems to the cloud.

The path of digital transformation came as a technological adaptation necessity to meet the cooperative’s growth. After assessing the needs, the pillars of collaboration, security, and modern infrastructure were identified.

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