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Nexergroup is a global partner and our teams often work crossborder in near and offshore projects. You can read more about our global services on in the links below.

Working with Nexer you will have access to top level proffesionals and teams all over the world.


Asset management

Asset management is a critical strategic area for all asset-intensive businesses. Customers need optimise the utilisation of their capital-intensive assets for an extended period of time while ensuring cost-effective and secure operation during the asset’s full lifespan.

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Enterprise Applications

We have a strong competence in Enterprise solutions. We can offer large complex implementation projects, to shorter deep technical time critical missions within new solutions as well as Application Management.

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Data management

Prioritizing the data that is most critical to the business is a key component of a successful Data Maintenance strategy, allowing you to optimise the management and value of your master data.

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Nexer Global services

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