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Fredrik Larsson
CEO, Nexer Data Management

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active content engine

With an Active Content Engine you can improve your customer experience; onboard suppliers smoothly, set up new items quickly, build engaging content for brands and products; deliver actionable insights; and ensure data governance across the enterprise, delivered through a connected, comprehensive cloud solution. Unlock the power of Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) to drive your business forward. We believe in driving real-time value with information that is connected throughout the commerce ecosystem. For products to flow freely and continuously, an integrated, comprehensive engine is needed. Syndigo is that Active Content Engine.


Businesses of today struggle with managing increased data, multiple channels, and high customer expectations and spend a lot of money on fragmented systems to manage, distribute and measure product and customer information. Data and content are constantly inaccurate, limited, outdated, or late, causing frustration for manufacturers, their trading partners, and ultimately consumers. Our partner Syndigo is the Active Content Engine that enables a comprehensive solution for a future of personalisation and customisation.

Syndigo Active Content Engine, powers the continual flow of content and data between brands, distributors, retailers, and their customers to improve real-time decision-making and accelerate sales on every shelf. The Active Content Engine benefits the entire ecosystem

Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and other recipients all have access to the highest quality data and content to drive their businesses, with proper content compliance, seamless syndication across the largest global network, optimised product performance at the digital shelf, and rich media capabilities for increased sales.


Syndigo’s platform helps clients control content and data to flow across the enterprise and externally to business partners. It is purpose-built to connect every aspect of the data and content life cycle to create a unified customer experience, regardless of channel or platform.

We can help you harness the information explosion with industry-leading MDM configurations that connect content and product data to customer and location data as well as organisational data, in one connected relationship. It is through these connections that you will be able to more holistically manage your business, providing stability and the means to scale to a continual flow of more and more information. 


Clients receive exactly what they need, whether it’s internal data governance, effective content delivery, or content performance feedback and optimisation, all together, to empower clients to manage information more quickly without trade-offs or compromises. A singular solution that scales to the most complex, customisable systems, for any stage of eCommerce and content maturity. The workstreams can operate in parallel to realize value more quickly, so whether you are looking for cloud-native enterprise PIM or you want to strengthen your product information to boost eCommerce sales and PXM we can offer you one singular solution to harness the value of your data.


Commerce in the Real-Time Economy. As technology expands the availability and speed of commerce, today’s shopper is also evolving. eCommerce is here to stay, even as in-store shopping remains robust. Consumers are more in control today, as they employ multi-channel or omnichannel behaviours to buy what they need, when (and where) they need it.

Learn more about some of these macro trends and how they are influencing today’s retail industry in this video recording. – How the consumer is reacting, and specific strategies to be more successful with today’s shoppers.

Ben Rund has been working with customers, analysts and advisors from many different industries in the PIM/MDM space for 20 years across the globe. In this presentation, he will share his insights on how to:
  • Manage customer expectations in the real-time economy
  • Master your building blocks of brand maturity
  • Connect content & data with customer expectations
  • Implement four steps to uplift conversions with the perfect product detail page
  • Control the data and content supply chain from brand to retail to customer


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