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Fresh reports reveal that most customers today make purchasing decisions based on the product information they find online. To make sure your product information is attractive, updated and correct in all channels, it needs to be centralized and managed and you need to start thinking of it as a strategic and valuable asset. You and your customers must be able to trust the data upon which you make your decisions.


A Product Information Management (PIM) system gathers all product information centrally. It can be technical specifications, basic information, images, as well as texts that you need to collect and consolidate when operating in multiple channels and languages. The data is often scattered and siloed in various systems and you need to create a single source of truth, so that when you make changes and updates, both you and your customers can trust that everything is accurate everywhere at all times.

A PIM system can manage processes and responsibilities, as well as data quality, and has proven to reduce accumulated, manual product data work by half. With a PIM system in place you will shorten the time to market substantially and increase your competitiveness. So not only do you become better with PIM, you also become faster.

Nexer is partner with both inRiver and Stibo Systems, which are both world leading suppliers of PIM systems.

Inriver related offerings

We deliver inriver PIM implementation projects swiftly by being agile, generating value for you with minimized risk. Once you’re up and running, we offer you a dedicated team managing the application and solving possible incidents. And through our expert services, we offer everything from PIM 360 reviews to advice on PIM migration and how to improve ROI.

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stibo systems related offerings

Want to be up and running with your PIM platform quicker, pull off more complex product MDM, or more efficiently collect, manage, and share product information across the entire value chain – maybe boost your online retail? Whatever needs, we have Stibo Systems-related offerings that cater for all your needs giving you a head start in the competition.

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PIM Experts

We are Scandinavia’s most experienced consultants in Product Information Management (PIM).

In the solutions we build, we ensure that all product information is gathered in one place and is available to those who need it. We integrate the PIM system with the company’s other important systems and ensure that the correct product information is published in the right channels.

We have experience from many PIM projects and have a large team of certified PIM consultants which makes it possible for us to offer a PIM solution up and running in three months. Our methods are based on many years of experience in consulting and implementing PIM in various industries. We are convinced that to design the best possible solution, we must first understand and define the relevant business processes together with the customer.


Nexer is partner with both inRiver and Stibo Systems, which are both world leading suppliers of PIM systems. We are also partner with many of the suppliers of the systems that we integrate with PIM, such as e-commerce platforms, business systems and ESBs / middlewares.

More about Stibo Systems PIM

The Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) is stable, scalable and highly configurable according to each customer’s requirements without needing to be individually adapted through programming. The platform is not only flexible but offers best practice solutions for most industries. Stibo Systems is considered to be one of the world’s oldest software companies and have developed their PIM & multi domain MDM platform for more than 40 years.

The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q2 2021 evaluation places our partner Stibo Systems in the top.
Stibo Systems received the highest possible scores on criteria Product data creation and onboarding; Product data management; Governance and process support; Deployment and support; Innovation roadmap and “has the flexibility of a modern PIM without sacrificing robust data modelling and governance”.


More about inRiver PIM

inRiver PIM is a highly configurable, easy to integrate, omnichannel ready platform, that lets you transform your product data into engaging stories, enhanced with digital marketing resources. The solution offers high flexibility and adaptability to both changing business and customer demands. The platform is best of breed, multi-tenant, SaaS, developed in Sweden and based on Microsoft Azure cloud. We are experts in inRiver PIM and recommend inRiver in projects where user-friendliness and flexibility are high on the requirements list and where fast ROI is important.


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