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modern mdm

on the syndigo platform

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order to the data chaos

When companies first consider Master Data
Management (MDM), it’s often because their data
is in chaos. They’ve tried everything else, and need
a remedy fast.
This urgency makes it more challenging to sort
through the myriad of options. They need quick
clarity on questions like:

– What exactly is modern MDM?

– What MDM architecture will my future
business require?

– What platform characteristics will make
the biggest impact today?

In this guide from our partner Syndigo, you’ll get some answers along
with advice for selecting a future-ready MDM platform with a rapid ROI.

business value

Your Master Data Management (MDM) initiative should drive measurable business outcomes to be successful and to ensure the return of your investment.
Learn more about how you build a business case and an MDM strategy that drives the right outcomes – and has buy-in amongst the entire organization.
At Nexer Data Management, we are experts, and here to help you build your business case for MDM, to get the funding needed to accelerate your digital journey.
Earlier this autumn we invited Ben Rund, VP Alliances, from our partner Syndigo, to speak from 20 years of learnings in the MDM & PIM industry, where he had the pleasure of working with customers across all industries globally. Obsessed with the measurable outcomes of data, he issued the world’s first Research on the ROI of PIM/MDM and is recognized in the Who-is-Who in Data Management. 

In thIs FREE 30-minute expert webinar session you will learn: 

– What are the most important business drivers for MDM? 

– How to translate the business value to all interested stakeholders 

– How to link your MDM initiatives to the business goals

– How to build the business case in different ways 

– How to analyze today’s state and define the picture of the future 

– How to connect financial metrics to the data initiative 

find your direction to accelerate your case

We put together a guiding whitepaper to help you identify the value of MDM in your organisation, and how you can present it, depending on the recipient and situation.