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Artificial intelligence & data science

AI (Artificial Intelligence) covers several technologies that enable you to gain insight from and find patterns in large data sets, thus predicting outcomes or giving recommendations based on that information. For example, well-known companies like Amazon and HBO use AI to offer you product recommendations regarding customer behavior. Still, AI is also used to understand risks in live video feeds, reduce emissions through optimized use of physical assets, detect fraudulent behavior, optimize supply chains, set the best pricing strategies and models, and many other things.


Regardless of what industry you happen to be in, AI can help you detect even the smallest patterns in data and learn from them. That means we can draw conclusions from the patterns and that changes in those patterns can be monitored and used to gain insight


Can AI assist you in the big data cycle phases, such as aggregation, storage, and retrieving various data types from different sources? The short answer is yes. AI can help you distinguish data types, find possible associations among datasets, and spot knowledge utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing). We can also use it to automate and quicken data preparation tasks, including generating data models and aiding in data exploration. Or why not let it learn common human error patterns and discover and fix potential defects in information. Let us help you utilize the strengths of AI.