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The promising future of retail

Report by Nexer and Kairos future

Research points to the fact that an increasing share of the power of change arises outside the industry and systematic foresight leads to both better profitability and value growth. Nexer wants to contribute to this.

We will release a report called The Promising Future of Retail during 2022. With this report, we will map the most important trends shaping the future of commerce. We will be looking at a five-ten-year horizon, focusing on upcoming game changers and disruption.

What will be the effects of these disruptive forces? We are interested in looking far ahead together with various experts and industry players and assessing various important perspectives and possible ways forward.

– How will Re:commerce, circular business models and microservices shape the retail of the future?
– How will customer preference regarding mass production with large warehouses for here and now delivery change, to minimize the environmental footprint?
– How big will the as-a-Service trend become?
– How can you use physical presence to reduce your return rates and increase your circular approach to e-commerce?
– How will we use today’s technological cutting edge to bring together digital- and physical stores?
– Will the attitudes on IT as a cost or investment change?
– Will the digital storefronts increase in value and match physical storefronts? How will stores / showrooms be translated into digital formats? (3D formats?)

BE a part of the report!

We will conduct a Delphi Survey – a series of questionnaires that allow experts to develop ideas about potential future developments around an issue. The questionnaires are developed throughout the process in relation to the responses given by participants.

Please register your interest in participating in the study, as well as any questions that you would like to see included in the Delphi survey.

register here

Take part in our study and in our report, which will be launched mid 2022.