NND: Cyber Risk Quantification – Eliminating the guessing game of Cybersecurity | Nexer
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Cyber Risk Quantification

Nexer network: Developers


A Nexer Network: Developer-webinar about eliminating the guessing game of Cybersecurity


19 Oct 2021
Time 12:00



Risk Quantification has been around for a while but only recently has there been possible to scale it across people, process and technology. We will cover all aspects of cyber risk quantification with focus on moving this methodology into an operational state where it truly generates value regardless of industrial belonging or private / public sector.

The speakers

Niklas Nilsson

Niklas Nilsson is Head of Cyber Risk Quantification at Nexer Cybersecurity. +15yrs experience in various product management roles as well as security advisory roles. Has for the past years been heavily involved in CRQ roll outs.

Jesper svegby

Jesper Svegby carries a +20yrs experience in the field of cybersecurity from product management to consultative services. He is an eager advocate of CRQ as the most efficient tool to close the organizational gaps related to cybersecurity decision-making