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Nexer Summit may 19

The promising future of retail

Digitalisation and tech are changing the whole retail industry. So, what can we expect in the future? Welcome to an inspiring afternoon where you will get the latest insights on challenges and opportunities with the promising future of retail.

We are proud to present industry-leading experts within retail as keynote speakers. They will cover everything from seamless shopping experiences to how AI can become a game-changer for your business. It is also the world premiere of a unique thought leader report describing the retail industry in 2030. The Retail Report, produced by Nexer and Kairos Future, will be launched during the event, and its top insights are analysed in a panel talk.

Nexer summit recording

All the fantastic keynote speakers and the panel talk during Nexer Summit were recorded, and here you can take part in the recordings. Please enjoy

Keynote speakers


Digitalisation is not only about automation. It’s about using the power of tech to transform businesses and improve customer experience and sustainability. What are the possibilities with digital garments and digital twins? Is screen-wear the new streetwear? How can we use customer insights to plan the supply chain and minimise overproduction on the one hand – and make sure we treat the customer in a personal and relevant way on the other? Linda shares her thoughts on the future of retail in the name of experience and sustainability.
Linda Pimmeshofer is an Industry Advisor at Microsoft and passionate about the opportunities that emerge at the intersection between retail and tech. She works with the biggest retailers and consumer goods companies from different countries all over Europe, including Farfetch and H&M, as well as start-ups and partners, to build new customer experiences and services.


Today’s fashion business is ultra-competitive, complex, and difficult to navigate. Business owners demand revenue- and profit growth despite heavy investments in sustainability, less loyal consumers and new business models that push towards ultra-short lead times. With new AI technology and state of the art analytics, fashion companies can keep track of this fast-changing environment and be ahead of the competition. Martin and Norna will show you how.
Martin Hallander is an international retail executive with a background in sports and fashion. He loves to challenge the status quo and manage change with a digital mindset. Today, he is a Chief Commercial Officer at Norna, a company that supports retailers with customised and real-time market data, powered by the latest AI technology, so they can stay ahead of the competition in a fast-changing retail environment.


Åhléns City in Stockholm is the largest and one of Sweden’s most iconic department stores. How does the digital transformation in retail affect their brand? Åsa shares her thoughts on how they can continue to be relevant in a changing world and how they, as a store, can work towards their vision of becoming the leading e-commerce player in Sweden with an optimal physical presence.
Åsa Sånemyr is Department store Manager at Åhléns City, Stockholm. She is a strong brand builder with solid experience in the fashion industry as the CEO of Hope and Lund Fashion, among others. Due to big changes in consumer behaviour, her focus has been on transformation, finding new technical solutions and developing Omni strategies.


What are the new strategies to succeed in the markets? Instead of anticipating and outmanoeuvring competitors and minimising the role of consumers, new strategies must consider all market participants and influence them to align a market picture that is beneficial to the market shaper. In other words, whereas in the past, market strategies were focused on the competition, today’s market strategies must make competitors inclined to follow the market shaper.

Alexander Flaig is a researcher at Linköping University investigating the creation and shaping of markets and a Co-Founder of SHAPE agency. His interests focus especially on radically new technologies and how companies can harness these to drive business value and shape their market. Before taking on his academic position, he worked as a Cybersecurity and Strategy Consultant at Accenture and Envolved.


We round off the event with an after-work at our premises in Stockholm (Valhallavägen 117G). Enjoy drinks and food in a relaxing atmosphere and take the opportunity to mix-and-mingle with our speakers and your fellow attendees.



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Keynote Linda Pimmeshofer


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The Retail Report and its top insights are analysed in a panel talk.


After-work with mingle, food and drinks