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nexer summit november 25

the digital path to a sustainable future

Welcome to an inspiring morning where we deep dive into digitalisation as key enabler and driving force for sustainability. Sustainability is one of the most important factors in business, society, and our personal lives. Our prominent speakers will cover the complexity of sustainability and the power of today’s digital solutions, such as electromobility, digital supply chains using IoT, sustainable homes and efficient energy solutions. Take the opportunity to gain insights into how businesses that apply an integrated approach to digitalisation and sustainability can get a competitive edge. We will end the event with a grand finale announcing the winner of Dream Big Nexer Innovation Race.

See all details and agenda below.

When: November 25, 08:00 – 13:00
Where: Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg




A fossil – free vehicle fleet does not automatically mean sustainable deliveries. To reach the UN’s climate goals, all aspects of sustainability need to be in focus – environmental , social, and economical. PostNord’s sustainability manager Naznoush Habashian highlights the complex sustainability challenges that all of us face due to changing lifestyles, digitalisation, technological development, and the current, complicated security policy situation.

Naznoush is Head of Sustainability at PostNord Sweden and has been named one of Sweden’s most powerful sustainability leaders for two years in a row. She has solid experience in sustainability work, most recently as Head of Sustainability, Swedish Armed Forces HQ.

This keynote is in Swedish

Innovations for future sustainable housing


HSB Living Lab tests new technical and architectural innovations for a period of 10 years. The tests provide knowledge on how to build the homes of the future. Emma Sarin, project manager at HSB Living Lab, delivers insights on what we can expect in the next decade when it comes to resources and energy savings. How shall we cook our food, wash, build and adapt our homes to create sustainability – today and tomorrow?

Emma is project manager at HSB Living Lab, a world unique laboratory where sustainable living of the future is researched and developed. 40 people have their permanent homes here, while research is carried out 24/7. In broad cooperation, sustainable materials, techniques, digitalisation and how our behaviours can become more sustainable are explored. Emma has been with HSB since 2007 and is also Head of Development and Sustainability at HSB ProjektPartner

This keynote is in Swedish

The road to climate-neutral road transports


Compared to traditional combustion drivelines, the numbers of electric vehicles sold are small today, but the transition to low-carbon transport and infrastructure is ongoing and will increase rapidly. Jonas Odermalm, Volvo Trucks, and Marie Carlsson, Volvo Buses, share Volvo Group’s journey towards climate-neutral road transports and their ambitious goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Jonas is Vice President, Electromobility Product Management at Volvo Trucks. He joined Volvo Group 25 years ago, initially in Product Development, focusing on project management and product planning. Currently, he leads the work to develop and define Volvo Trucks’ global Electromobility Product Strategy.
Marie is Vice President, Electromobility Solutions, at Volvo Buses’ global team. She has been with Volvo Group since 1998 and has a long experience from different industries in the field of customer experience and technology development, including how to connect the two to deliver valuable solutions for customers in their production, logistics and operations.

Breakout sessions


Full supply chain transparency, the kind that offers visibility from your many tiers of suppliers through the last mile to consumers, is the holy grail for supply chain practitioners. That’s because visibility provides unlimited opportunities to improve sustainability and CSR within your operations. In this session, you will gain insights on how visibility can drive optimisation and sustainability in your supply chain. 
Erik Lund is the Head of Visilion, an asset-tracking and supply chain visibility solution provided by Sony Network Communications Europe. He has a background in transport and logistics combined with an extensive experience in technology, particularly IoT and digital security. Erik has worked with corporate innovation and venture building in maritime and logistics and advises logistics start-ups.

How to achieve profitability and sustainability in retail

The drivers in retail and e-commerce to become more profitable and more sustainable are obvious. By focusing on areas with big impact, such as Returns Management, the effect in both dimensions can be substantial. In this session, you gain insights on how Stadium, the retail chain selling sports equipment, managed to halve their costs in Returns Management by using the Easycom platform, which improves the customer experience and provides 360-degree insights in customer and product areas. 

Peter Hietala is the current CEO and founder of Easycom, a software platform that helps e-commerce vendors and logistic providers to reduce the number of returns and make Returns Management more efficient. He previously worked at H&M as Global E-commerce Distribution Manager.

Caroline Thorén is COO at Nexer’s digital agency Maverick and Retail Industry Partner. She has long experience within retail and worked as COO at Nelly and Head of H&M’s IT division Sales Online and Marketing when they expanded the online sales globally for all brands within the H&M family.

How to work proactively and strategically with sustainability data

How can you avoid green-washing with data-driven sustainability work and what other possibilities are created with data transparency? How can sustainability work deliver business value?

Join an interactive and exploring session on how taking an MDM approach to collect, manage, analyse and share sustainability data is a proactive and sustainable strategy to avoid green-washing, comply and be prepared for new regulations, manage your environmental footprint as well as identify new business opportunities.
This session is facilitated by Anna Enarsson, Global Marketing Manager at Nexer Data Management. Anna has +20 years of experience in Business Development, Digitalisation, Agile Development Projects and Communication. Today she works as a Marketing and Communications Manager in the business area Data Management and for the Sustainable Footprint Project at Nexer.

Anna was joined by Albin Junhede, Sustainability Reporting & Tech lead, Oatly. Albin leads the work with developing Oatly’s sustainability reporting process, from frameworks & KPI to data and tech-solutions. He is well experienced in Change Management and tying together different parts of the company while keeping an eye on the market and consumers.

Dream big -award ceremony