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improve the product ownership in your workplace


It has been many years since the product owner role originated in scrum, where the role is responsible for “maximizing the value of the product”. During Katarina Wiberg’s years of working in agile constellations, she has encountered many different versions of product ownership. In this webinar Katarina will describe some of these types and try to put them into context.

“I hope that this will help you reflect on and improve the way the product owner role is applied in your workplace”, says Katarina.
Katarina Wiberg is a skillful Agile Coach, advanced Scrum Master and Trainer. She has been part of Agile transformations in several large organizations since 2008. Katarina has a passion for building high performance teams, both distributed and collocated. She has 20+ years’ experience from the fields of IT/telecom, retail and offshore in Europe, United States and India.

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