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Do you need Project Managers in Agile Organizations?

More and more organizations embrace the Agile ways of working. This means bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the best and most effective way of working to carry out a certain task. It’s about working within the task’s guidelines but without boundaries of how you achieve what you want to achieve. But are Project Managers and Project Management Offices still needed within the framework of the Agile ways of working? In this webinar, Sari Karlsson Manni will share her experiences on what happens in the transformation to agile deliveries.


Recorded version of the webinar

Sari Karlsson Manni

Sari Karlsson Manni is an experienced Project Manager and Senior Agile Leader with extensive experience in complex agile deliveries in global settings. She is specialized in digital transformation where business and digital alignment and cooperation is crucial.