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What is business intelligence?


A webinar about how the usage of BI-tools can create a business advantage


8 Dec 2021
Time 12:00-12:45



Business intelligence is a combination of business analysis, data extraction, data visualisation and data infrastructure. Therefore, several BI-tools and processes allow end-users to identify actionable information from raw data and with that reach the goal of creating business advantage.

Even though these tools get better every year there are still some challenges to overcome before reaching this advantage. One of these is to find a clear and concise purpose of the analysis and thereby narrowing the data selection. This part is not done by the tools alone but in combination with you as an analyst and your ability to identify powerful strategies. In other words, it’s the analyst that needs to limit the data selection and if you try to include too many variables at the same time, you risk losing the structure. Hence this will lead to missing the final goal of understanding and communicating actionable information to your organisation. But if you manage the tools and data in a correct way you can communicate the insight in an effective manner, which is best done through a story.

With this in mind, you might wonder why companies are so excited about the BI way of working and how it can create a business advantage for you? This is something we will discuss during the webinar.

Watch the recording of the webinar here


Jan Hannoun

Jan Hannoun is a business analyst and BI developer with experience in the fields of business analysis, business intelligence and system management. He is used to identifying business needs, requirements and creating business advantage using available data combined with Business intelligence.

Patric Olofsson 

Patric Olofsson is a BI developer with experience from the Retail, Medicine and Tech industries. In these fields, he has offered values in several areas but a few of these are: Sales & Customer insight, Data quality, KPI Definition and both from a BI and BA perspective. His focus lies in combining up-to-date software with business strategies for his clients.