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We build your Intellectual IoT property

If you want a fast-moving and highly experienced IoT partner Nexer is your supplier of choice. We design, implement, and support cost-effective and scalable IoT solutions that combine AI and advanced analytics, also supply hardware and radio connections should they be needed.
We have delivered advanced IoT platforms to many customers in various industries – from startups within, for example, regulatory products (MedTech) to big manufacturers in the automotive industry. While being relatively small, we are, at the same time, big enough to take a holistic approach to every connected product need you might have. We always work in close collaboration with you, and we never start a project with an extensive team that costs you a fortune.


When you collaborate with us, we help you build your intellectual property together with you and your experts. It can mean creating or updating an IoT-based infrastructure for your existing product, helping you with your organization’s digital transformation, or taking a new connected product from conception to production using tech platforms and solutions like MS Azure, DevOps/MLOps, Multicloud/Kubernetes, Edge AI, and MS IoT Central. Thus, we need not reinvent the wheel entirely for every new project.


If you introduce IoT in your company, you need new enterprise, business, and systems architectures involving the things (products), connectivity, IoT servers, and applications. To connect many products through various access methods, you must ensure your company’s IoT servers can reach them. Suddenly a new organizational responsibility arises. But don’t worry; we have the experience and skills to support you in creating an Enterprise IoT Architecture that enables you to take advantage of your connected products’ value fully.


Unfortunately, having an idea or a design for a new connected product always means risking being replicated – despite the laws of data, consumer protection, patents, copyright, designs, et cetera. The safety of IoT rights is simply a big challenge. When you work with us, you can feel safe. We are based in Sweden, have high status within R&D, and are known to be trustworthy. We would never steal an IP and develop and launch a competitive product in the market.



Nexer connected pest control sensors and traps into an end-to-end Azure-enabled digital pest control solution utilizing Azure IoT Hub and Azure microservices.


”In our journey to become a data-informed company, our partner Nexer is contributing with key technical skills and knowledge that makes us accomplish successful exploration of new technologies and go all the way to full-scale implementation.”

Claes Henschel
Digital Innovation manager, NCC Group

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Ready to connect products?

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced partner that can take a holistic approach to your connected product ideas and help you implement scalable IoT solutions, combining AI and advanced analytics? Just send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Become more data-driven in an effective way.

Let us help you implement a unified modern data platform for all types of data and AI, allowing you to become a much more data-driven organization; imagine that you could combine data warehouse performance with data lake flexibility.

A Modern Data Platform is a future-proof architecture for Analytics. It is a functional architecture with all components to support modern data warehousing, machine learning, AI development, and Real-time data ingesting and processing. It consolidates your data from multiple sources and essentially becomes your “single source of truth.” Through a modern data platform, users in your organization will easily find the data they need when they need it.

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Strengthen your ability to direct resources and prioritize.

Business Intelligence equals taking the pulse of how your business is constantly going, analyzing your data, and making practical and informed decisions based on them. The more you can automate your decision support, the more time you get for maintaining quality and making improvements.

In short, you can better direct your resources to problem areas or prioritize the most profitable areas and customer segments. Identify unnecessary costs, analyze deviations in a specific process or follow sales trends during different campaigns. Let us help you with professional data visualization and turn your business data into effective, automated decision support.

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Gain insight and ramp up your business.

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science to help you gain insight, automate your processes, improve customer experiences, increase productivity and efficiency, ramp up business growth, digital transformation, and elevate revenue. Within the concept of AI, we work with subfields such as computer vision and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Computer vision helps you extrapolate meaningful information from digital images, videos, and other types of visuals. NLP, Natural Language Processing, based on machine-learning algorithms – lets you process and analyze large amounts of texts originally written by and for a human.

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Carl Tönseth
Business Manager


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