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CyberSecurity Consultant


IT Consultant



Publication date

11 Sep 2023





Application deadline

11 Oct 2023

Nexer Cybersecurity is growing and would like to take you on our journey!

We are an entrepreneurial company within the Nexer Group that is leading the digital revolution with cutting-edge technology where we have a mission to lead change (not follow) and ensure that our customers are at the forefront of change. We are a strategic partner for our customers and work with strategy, technology, and communication. In our team, you will find a strong culture, where passion and execution are our values. 


Our vision is: 

  • Cybersecurity needs to become business relevant
  • Cybersecurity needs a higher degree of automation and industrialization
  • The results of cybersecurity need to be measurable and visualized for all layers of the organization.



Cyber Advisory

Ensuring reasonable risk and exposure from a management perspective.  Focus on Governance in Cybersecurity. Laws and regulatory compliance such as GDPR, NIS1 (soon 2), and the Security Protection Act.

Cyber ​​risk quantification: Our team narrows the gap between actual security and risk appetite. We enable control and measurement of our customers' existing situation and how security posture can be achieved most effectively in alignment with Risk appetite. We are convinced that security must become more business-relevant. To achieve this, businesses must be able to get clear results linked to "Return On Investment", degree of efficiency, and compliance in real-time. Nexer Quantitative Risk Team carries all these capabilities today but we need more consultants who support our customers in Sweden as well as internationally.


Security Architecture

Adjusting existing and moving in new security capabilities for organizations in a transformational state chasing the dream of digitalization. Focus on security infrastructure during the general transformation of the business, ie ensuring that security level is on par with risk appetite which can be maintained despite major changes in the way the company operates (cloud transformation, supply chain, alternative business models including mobile payments / POS systems. Those challenges exist in most organizations, hence we need to grow our team in order to support more clients in managing their cybersecurity risks during and after digital transformation.



Embed cybersecurity into the development process regardless of platform. All organizations develop software, and all are facing the same problem knowingly or not: do we have vulnerabilities that can create issues once we move the application to General Availability? Although classic “by the end of the development project” penetration testing is better than nothing it’s a very costly and inefficient method to get things right. We believe in moving security through “shift left” meaning embedding cybersecurity from the design phase all the way through Alpha and Beta where during the release meeting all issues are known and have been known as well as mitigated for a long time. This increases speed and lowers the risk of breach and possible fines as well as the overall quality of the application. Making development more efficient with known risks that are manageable regardless of whether the client uses Waterfall, Agile, or DevOps.


You are a people person who is interested in being able to influence people to come to insight. We measure machines but must be able to create understanding in people so that the right decisions and measures can be taken and implemented.


We further believe that you have: 

  • Worked actively with Cyber Security minimum of 3 years.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer & Systems Sciences or similar background.
  • You are fluent in both Swedish and English in speech and writing.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are keen to grow a company together.


About Nexer Cyber Security?  

Nexer Cyber Security started in 2021 and today we have 16 employees with significant diversity in experience and background. We seek not to do what has been done before but to optimize and change the way we work with cyber security and truly make it embedded into the general operation of any organization.

We are part of the Nexer Group, which is Sweden's largest privately-owned Tech Company with over 2,500 employees in fifteen countries. We are an entrepreneurial company within the Nexer Group that is leading the digital revolution with cutting-edge technology. We are a strategic partner for our customers and work with strategy, technology, and communication.

At Nexer, we have the vision "Promising Future", which is our daily guiding star; a promising future for our consultants, our customers but also society at large. This means that we work actively with social responsibility and have, among other things, a strong commitment to the organizations Star For Life, Pink Programming, and Mitt Liv.   

We value skills development and offer our employees courses via Nexer Academy, Pluralsight, provide certification bonuses and organize inspirational lectures and Meetups. As an employee with us, it is important that you feel that you have the opportunity to develop and be challenged constantly. That is why we are proud that development and knowledge sharing permeate our entire business and that our success lies with our employees!