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Cloud Architect to Nexer Malmö


Solution Architect



Publication date

27 Dec 2021





Application deadline

27 Jan 2022

Another job ad for Cloud Architect in your feed you think…

Well, then you have not read this one!

As an architect in our team you will besides stable customers, great benefits and fun activities get the opportunity to use the latest technologies on the market. We focus on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure since this is what our customers are wanting from us.

You will join a well established team where community and cohesion are vital and has always been. Despite the pandemic, we have continued to socialize and are constantly doing fun things digitally so that we do not loose the great community we already have. The list of what we have come up with over the years can be made long, but the ones that has etched itself the most is the following:


* Yearly Hackathon-weekend x 2 ⌨️

* Beerfestival 🍺

* Lego Building 🚀

* Pistol Shooting 🔫

* Gaming AW 🕹

* Warhammer painting 🖌


If you have read this far, we would like to inform you that we are currently looking for an architect with a few years of experience in cloud services and is efficient in analyzing customers requirements and operations in order to find the smartest solutions.

We have team deliveries with the majority of our customers, which means that you will not be placed by yourself in [insert one-hors town]! Our team has organically grown from 15 developers to around 70 over the years without loosing focus on each individual.


Aside from the above, you will see what we at Nexer Malmö can offer you here:


* Collective agreement 💪🏽

* Flexible working hours ⏰

* Over time compensation 💰

* Pension according to ITP 👵🏽

* Passion days, two extra vacation days  🏝

* Parental leave benefit 🍼

* Health insurance 🩹

* Health exam 🩺

* Leasing car 🚙

* 4000 kr health care ⚽️

* Benify portal 💸

* Yearly Kick-off 🎉

* WorkWise – remote or onsite 🏡



"It’s not magic. It’s talent and sweat”.

 -  Bertram Gilfoyle


Below follows what my boss explicitly asked me to include in the ad 😊

Within Nexer, there is a pronounced challenge that permeates all assignments and the company as a whole: if there is a smarter solution, we will find it. An endeavor that challenges us every day and allows us to think outside the given framework and together with our customers make the brave decisions required to create development. We offer problem solving, everything from developing a new system to designing and online shop or something else where our broad and pointed expertise in technology comes into its own.



You are very welcome to send in your registration of interest below. Unfortunately, we can not handle applications sent via email, but if you have questions you are very welcome to contact responsible recruiter Susann Nilsson at We handle applications on an ongoing basis, so do not wait to apply!



Do you feel like the job fits in well with your experiences and ambitions? Then you are very welcome to submit your application below. If you have any questions, please contact Susann Nilsson

Susann Nilsson Tech Recruiter, Nexer AB

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