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FEMALE SOFTWARE Engineers to Nexer R&D and Q collective


Software Engineer



Publication date

27 Dec 2021





Application deadline

27 Jan 2022


Nexer leads change within strategy, communication, and tech. As a part of leading change within equality in the tech sector we will now launch Q Collective – Nexer Female Engineering Program.

A few words from Camilla Dahl, consultant manager and one of the founders of the program:

“Previously in my career, I have had a gnawing feeling inside that I am different, a little odd. My ideas have not always been listened to nor received in a positive way. As a woman, I also sound and look different than the male-dominated norm. I have not felt that I really belong.

This is not the case any longer. At Nexer I feel that I can be myself. It’s like I can breathe again. I want you to feel that too.

We are now starting a program specifically for you who identify yourself as a woman or non-binary. We want to give you the opportunity to feel that you also belong, feel closeness, security and find a community.

The workplace should be a place where everyone can be themselves and be met with love and respect. We are not completely there yet, but we work relentlessly to achieve it.

We lead the change. Sister, come join.”

What are we offering?

Nexer R&D are looking to strengthen our business unit further, with an empowering program for female developers in Gothenburg. You will join us as a consultant and join Nexers R&D team – fully packed with the opportunity to work with the latest technology at a range of customers and that ensures your continuous development.

Apart from the possibility to join an exciting assignment you will be one of the 10 chosen ones to join the 1-year Q Collective Program rolled out in the beginning of 2022. Our vision for the program is to create a stronger sense of belonging and closeness with other female and non-binary colleagues, which in the long run will benefit the work culture for our entire business unit. The program consists of a mixture of forums for complete coverage. We will host competence development sessions within our expertise areas such as Telecom, Automotive, CI/CD and cloud development. Apart from sharpening your technical expertise the schedule will be filled with dinners and lunches to create a strong network and to discuss and reflect upon up-to-date topics together. Lastly, we will compose a mentorship program together with our current female colleagues.

What are we looking for?

For this exclusive program we are looking for you who identify as female or non-binary and have an educational background in Computer Engineering or similar. You have been working as a software engineer for the past 2 years or more, preferably in C/C++, Simulink or Python and have an interest in system development and Product Development within R&D. We would be thrilled to see other meritorious skills such as knowledge within automotive, telecom or CI/CD or perhaps experience from a role as Scrum Master.

Apart from this, we hope to enrich our team with curious colleagues that quickly absorbs new information and transform it into creative solutions. You find teamwork to be the most ideal and fun way to work and thrive in a cooperative environment. You respect your colleagues and have a strong will to share your knowledge with others as well as listen and learn.


Are your fingers itching from the urge to join us and this exciting opportunity? Go ahead and press the apply button before the program is full. We handle applications on an ongoing basis and will get back to you as soon as possible. We are not able to handle applicants sent through email, but you are very welcome to contact one of the founders of the program if you have any questions.

At Nexer we have an overall goal to increase the number of female employees in all roles and areas. For us at Nexer, differences are important and we always strive for diversity, equality and inclusion. If this program is not suitable for you, we welcome you to where you will find all the exciting openings that are available with us right now.



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